Translation of mill wheel in Spanish:

mill wheel

rueda hidráulica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪl ˌ(h)wil/


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    (de un molino) rueda hidráulica feminine
    • Water power will again turn the mill wheel and drive the turbine to provide electricity to light the building.
    • The pent-up waters, controlled by a sluice gate, were directed past the mill wheel, driving the wooden gears, shafts and millstones.
    • The water diverted from the mainstream ends up turning a mill wheel, setting other machinery in motion.
    • The lowest storey, where the mill wheel used to be (its axle is still there) is for workshop, boiler and storage.
    • The area of Croom, the Mill and its mill wheel was seen by millions of people throughout the United States on a prime time news programme.
    • He said the erection of the mill wheel was an attempt to revitalise the old mill that is virtually ‘demolished,’ in the town.
    • The tilted stage, much like The Kostelnicka's life, is reminiscent of a deChirico painting with two chairs and a sunken mill wheel occupying the environment.
    • Act 3 opens with Samson alone, chained to the mill wheel.
    • Peaceful sounds of nature, combined with water running through a mill wheel, set the tone for a soothing, scenic tour around a deserted watermill.
    • This project involved the restoration of an old mill wheel along the River Barrow with a view to creating hydroelectric power.
    • To be sufficient to propel the mill wheel the flow of water needs to be 0.3 cubic metres per second.
    • On view is the Victorian garden, orchard, herb garden, arboretum and fernery, as well as the old mill and mill wheel.
    • There was a special feature on Beamsley Mill, which had the largest working enclosed mill wheel in Yorkshire.
    • Acmylen itself is a typical small mill, with a simple horizontal side shot mill wheel.
    • The Bernado O'Higgins area is a pleasant area whose appearance is unfortunately reduced by heavy drinking sessions and heavy party litter around the benches and mill wheel.
    • Masters students visited the site, off Corn Mill Lane, to find original mill stones, a dam which would have powered the two mill wheels and the area where they would have stood.
    • Even in a story of crafty derring-do like The Tinderbox, he amplifies the hero's terrified wonder at the magic dogs he meets - dogs with eyes as big as teacups, or whirling wide like mill wheels.
    • Most of the items have whiled away the years in the couple's garden, including Victorian chimney pots, flag stones, mill wheels, sinks, fonts and a church's stone cross.
    • Down, she said, and we slid on ice down to where the fence met the narrow channel that once turned mill wheels nearby.
    • At high tide a sluice was closed and the water then left to flow back at a controlled rate to operate the mill wheels.