Translation of miller in Spanish:


molinero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪlər/ /ˈmɪlə/

Definition of molinero in Spanish


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    molinero masculine
    molinera feminine
    • She said that the government had been running programs since 2003 to encourage big corn millers to create a win-win partnership with small-scale farmers in corn-producing areas nationwide.
    • Some of the millers who worked the mills from 1747 to 1927 are documented in the amenity park.
    • He is a miller at Nelstrops flour mill in Stockport, where he has worked for nearly 30 years
    • With the village jobs program in place, many of the former poachers and other villagers became beekeepers, fish farmers, millers, or sunflower-press operators.
    • His work on world rice modeling is particularly innovative and useful for researchers and extension personnel as well as farmers, millers, and distributors.
    • Not only were many thousands of miners and millers employed, but as late as 1980 some 6000 South African workers were employed in making asbestos products, mainly cements.
    • His father, grandfather and great grandfather were millers at Cole Mill near Bruton and as a boy he delivered animal feed to local farms by pony and trap.
    • The total number of autopsies of miners and millers conducted among these subjects from 1983 to 1991 is unknown to us.
    • The area was also home to two cabinet makers, a carpenter, a tailor, a miller, and two physicians, as well as teachers, preachers, and farmers.
    • John is the other student from Cambridge who comes to the miller for ground corn for the steward.
    • The miller may own his mill, or may hire it from its owner.
    • The difference goes into the hands of millers, agents and the wholesale dealers.
    • Growers should liaise with merchants and coarse ration millers in their areas with a view to growing beans as an alternative source of protein.
    • The smooth rapport between Government and the millers and indeed other stakeholders clearly shows that no problem is insurmountable if people put their heads together.
    • The bottom line we feel is to ensure a speedy delivery of maize to millers so that production operations are not disrupted.
    • Baltimore's millers and merchants linked backcountry farmers to an Atlantic market that showed an insatiable appetite for American produce.
    • The widespread diffusion of texts exploded not only among nobles and merchants but also among artisans, shopkeepers, workers, and even, on occasion, peasants and millers.
    • The Australian Milling Council says growers and millers will have to consider their future sustainability at a regional level, including potential mill closures.
    • As it turned out, knowing that universal fortification would be required by 1 January 1998, most millers fortified their products voluntarily before the mandatory deadline.
    • Merchants acquired the exported commodities from the New York colony through their ongoing affiliations with retailers, artisans, millers, and farmers.