Translation of mimic in Spanish:


imitar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪmɪk/

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transitive verb mimicking, mimicked, mimicked

  • 1

    (voice/mannerisms/accent) imitar
    (voice/mannerisms/accent) remedar
    • Mary screams in horror and the girls mimic her every word.
    • Angie, Kasie, Nate and I all make a game of trying to mimic someone else's voice and hoping Dad does not recognize us.
    • When he was a kid he loved mimicking people which had us in stitches.
    • Hundreds of Elvis impersonators mimic the late King's suggestive pelvic thrust and wear the now-iconic blue suede shoes.
    • His stunt mimics magician David Blaine's attempt to survive 72 days in a glass box above London but Michael decided he would use the idea to raise cash for charity.
    • ‘He mimics me and my style,’ Jayaram says about his son, just like what I used to do in my childhood.
    • Shatrughan Sinha had heard for several months that some guy called Johnny Lever mimics him in stage shows.
    • It sounded like they had just heard this kid crying and they were kind of laughing at what had happened, mimicking him.
    • He started mimicking someone using a machine gun.
    • Also appearing is Jeremy London, the '90s teen heartthrob with a bad accent mimicking the guests of Jerry Springer.
    • Ustinov was performing at the age of three, mimicking politicians of the day when his parents invited Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie for dinner.
    • Since I appeared on the A.B.C. my 8 year old grandson Joshua has started mimicking me, I think it's great!
    • Lambert doesn't believe in mimicking real-life characters he plays.
    • You can get ideas for some cool moves without totally mimicking someone.
    • I found myself mimicking her sobbing-plus-laughing routine in the auditorium.
    • His first disc, while enjoyable, mimicked his late father's style but not the muscle, majesty and political bite.
    • He began to laugh, and then raised his voice about an octave higher to mimic my mom.
    • There was also some more material when we see Sellers mimicking other people, like the director Blake Edwards or his mother, Peg.
    • Born in Lancashire, Jon realised his talent for impersonations as a child - mimicking the teachers at school!
    • I've just mimicked him all my life, so he was a herpetologist, one who studies reptiles…
  • 2

    (sound) imitar
    (reproduce appearance of) camuflarse adquiriendo la apariencia de
    (reproduce appearance of) mimetizarse adquiriendo la apariencia de
    • Weeds mimic plants, viruses trick the immune system, birds build nests and predators stalk - all engaging in strategies so successful that they look, but cannot possibly be, intentional.
    • The ruse works so successfully that some 30 other non-venomous snakes have mimicked the coral snake and share similar color patterns.
    • A variety of insects, including some beetles and moths, mimic bees and wasps.
    • The orchid Chiloglottis trapeziformis belongs to a group of about 300 species that lure pollinators by mimicking a female insect.
    • Thus, several kinds of king snakes mimic the venomous coral snake's distinctive pattern of alternating red, black, and yellow or white bands.
    • Flower extract and mandibular gland secretion both contained geraniol, nerol, and E, E-farnesol, indicating that the orchid mimics the bee's secretion.
    • The value of defenses such as spines or sticky hairs, the regurgitation of plant toxins on an enemy, and the ability to mimic a snake is easy to imagine.
    • An Australian orchid uses pheromones mimicking a female wasp to attract male wasps - but not all of them are fooled.
    • It mimics birds, bats or pterodactyls of the dinosaur era, and has membranous wings.
    • There is no denying that they are manipulative - they are famous for their ability to mimic moths, wasps and bees to cheat insects into having sex with them.
    • The mimic finally stumbled upon a vacant hole and squeezed inside; in a last ditch effort at threat display, it extended two sinuous tentacles 180 degrees apart, mimicking a snake!
    • When mimicking a mantis shrimp, for example, the octopus sits in a burrow with only the eyes and part of the head exposed, and wraps one tentacle around its head to resemble the folded raptorial appendages of the mantis shrimp.
    • The study suggests that Luna also mimicked other killer whales he occasionally came across.
    • The caterpillars, which mimic the larva of M. sabuleti, are carried into the nest by the workers, where they then feed on the ant larvae.
    • Insects mimic twigs and flower parts, the sexual partners or foods of their prey, whatever is poisonous to those for whom they themselves are prey.
    • The supposedly sterile farm fish would mimic spawners, and pair up with fertile wildies, negating that year's reproductive cycle.


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    imitador masculine
    imitadora feminine
    • A great mimic of voice and gesture, Mogulesco could impersonate anyone: rich, poor, male, female, elder, youth.
    • Nor did we expect him to be so talented a mimic; he can imitate both of us, just as he can imitate break dancers and gymnasts and snakes and lemurs.
    • His ability as a mimic enabled him to copy Gandhi's voice intonations virtually perfectly.
    • She described Brian as a great mimic, who hilariously had shown a remarkable ability to imitate anyone, including his mum and dad.
    • He had a wonderful ear for detail in people's voices and was an excellent mimic.
    • In fact, entertainers have become versatile mimics of accents they weren't born with.
    • Hopkins imitates other actors - he's a genius mimic - Sean Connery, Richard Burton, Pierce Brosnan.
    • And his friends knew him as a highly entertaining mimic and raconteur.
    • Of course the Zambian public has seen great mimics in the likes of the late Cletus Chanda, Ben Phiri and the hyper-talented Ozzias Banda, and would therefore not consider the former Kabanana actor as a great mimic.
    • Sedellah, of Hope Street, beat off competition from young mimics from all over the country to reach the grand final of the 2002 Haribo search for the best young impressionist.
    • Prasad rues that during the nascent stages of mimics, a well-appreciated performance on the stage was the ultimate dream of a mimicry artiste.
    • The mimics, however, have hotly defended their artistic freedom to lampoon anyone, however big.
    • I was always a mimic as a child, and that was my dream; to be in - you know, I wished I was in Vaudeville or something, doing different sketches.
    • She says just - I mean, she repeats everything, like a little mimic.
    • Comedy genius Sellers, famed for his talent as a mimic, gets the lofty laurel of ‘the most accurate’ Scottish accent captured on film.
    • The sheer multitude of vocal tones that a gifted mimic like Roth (the author) is able to conjure up is extraordinary.
    • Ryan [her actor husband, Ryan Philipe] is a natural mimic so it took three days for him to learn his Scottish accent for Gosford Park, while it took me two months.
    • The main problem is that unlike, say, Billie Holiday, Joe Henry is more a faithful mimic than the genuine article.
    • As a gifted mimic and notorious perfectionist, she would later become the most respected female actor of her generation.
    • But just as Rush delights in mimicking a mimic this movie remains all on the surface of things - in love with only the simulacrum of Sellers and his life.
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    mimético masculine
    • The best known mimics in the animal world are birds.
    • A similar explanation has been proposed for other animal mimics that show evidence of vocal learning.
    • In particular, one widely held belief is that there should always be strong selection pressure on mimics to resemble their models as closely as possible.
    • ‘There should be a larger cone of protection around more toxic species,’ which gives mimics room to evolve new color patterns.
    • Yellow-throated sneaker males are female mimics and cuckold orange males at a high rate.
    • Rettenmeyer was keen to find the beetles again, to take their photographs, to watch their behavior - in short, to understand how and why they came to be such exquisite mimics.
    • Researchers say ongoing analyses of the recordings have not yet enabled them to rule out other potential sound sources, such as the calls of blue jays, which are notorious mimics.
    • Magpies have long been known as clever mimics, not afraid to tackle the call of another species of bird, or even the sound of a tractor, but Gisela Kaplan has enormous respect for them for other reasons.
    • Pfennig, the University of North Carolina biologist, added that this aversion to mimics has been seen in other species as the result of genetics.
    • Starlings are intelligent and adaptable, and are capable mimics.
    • One notable and prized attribute of these little black and yellow beauties is they are brilliant mimics.
    • This female mimic swims between a mating pair just as the dominant male is about to fertilize the female's eggs and fertilizes some of them himself.
    • Thus, the similarity of the mimic O. israelitica to the model was higher with regard to the display size than those of O. boryi and O. caspia.
    • The mimic dips on his side and quivers just as the female does when she discharges her eggs.
    • As a member of the mynah family, it is a skilled mimic.
    • Tui are of course mimics, and on Tiri they copy bellbirds.
    • The ashy drongo does a wonderful call imitation of the shikra, but one such mimic spoilt the effect somewhat by hunting down a butterfly and making a messy job of de-winging it before breakfasting.
    • Besides the chance of spotting a wombat, Girraween also is home to that ultimate mimic, the lyrebird, and the wonderful powerful owl, which eats whole possums and throws away their tails.
    • These two ideas have been remarkably powerful in explaining animal behaviour, particularly that of the social insects (and their creepy mammalian mimics, the naked mole rats).
    • A lone killer whale near a Canadian fishing village was a skilled mimic that barked just like a sea lion, a new study reveals.