Translation of mimosa in Spanish:


mimosa, n.

Pronunciation /mɪˈmoʊsə/ /mɪˈmoʊzə/ /mɪˈməʊzə/ /mɪˈməʊsə/


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    mimosa feminine
    • They feed mainly on leaves of acacia and mimosa, using their 450 mm extendable tongues and mobile lips to secure their food.
    • He's credited with the introduction to the West of eucalyptus, acacia, mimosa, and the genus named after him, Banksia, all well known species in Australia where his mark was firmly left.
    • The gold lasted for barely a year but in the meantime numerous trees were planted in the area: wild acacia, teak, olive, tambotie, beech, ebony, seringa, mimosa and quince.
    • Spring in Tuscany means clouds of golden mimosa and an instinct to head south over the Ponte Vecchio to see Italian renaissance landscaping at its best in the Boboli Gardens.
    • Yesterday I added 4 Yellow Goat's Horn pepper seeds, my hop seeds and some mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) seed.
    • The main crops produced were roses, mimosas, carnations and chrysanthemums, as ornamental non-edible plants, and tomato, lettuce and basil, as edible ones.
    • I find it unsettling that Stalin used to toss breadballs at his wife during dinner, that he spoiled his children and that he loved growing mimosas.
    • That's what Cherry and her rangers use when they go out to eradicate feral ants, poison weeds like spiky mimosa, and do post-mortems on buffaloes to check for introduced diseases.
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    mimosa feminine
    • Some people I know drink that much in free champagne and mimosas.
    • They also offer a brunch on sea days between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. with mimosas, champagne, and wines in addition to a ‘Fruits of the Sea’ buffet.
    • Never miss an episode, unless it's right after the Superbowl and I've been drinking mimosas since noon.
    • No doubt, the champagne-laden mimosas will be flowing at Fox this morning.
    • One day, I woke up, drank a mimosa, looked out the window and exclaimed, ‘God, I wished I lived next to Liv Tyler!’
    • For about 48 hours in July, Waikiki harbor is awash in mai tais, mimosas, Gatorade, and joy.
    • The only other drink choices were beer and mimosas so we opted for those instead.
    • Kids have crammed tables with action figures and board games, and fresh O.J. mimosas and Bloody Marys outnumber cups of coffee.
    • Oh, and make sure it's BYO, so you can put together some strong mimosas for half the price.
    • I filled two champagne flutes, his with a regular mimosa and mine with an odd concoction, and brought them out.
    • We adored his focaccia and extraordinarily perfumed mimosa and Marsala gelati, but his savoury dishes left us underwhelmed.
    • I will watch it late and give my impressions in time for your morning coffee (or mimosa…)
    • Just add green salsa, plus huge mugs of potent coffee or a $7 bottomless mimosa that is no better than most of its ilk.
    • When the mimosa I had asked for arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the delivery.
    • And if you order this with a mimosa, I promise you that your day will start off nicely.
    • Although I managed to keep up the detox for three weeks, when I went to Los Angeles for a wedding, it became nearly impossible to turn down a mimosa.
    • Shrugging, Chelsea takes another sip of her mimosa.
    • Pour your Aunt Judith a mimosa and confront her as to why she wouldn't let your cousin Jay hang out with you after you introduced him to the art of sneaking Uncle Harold's vodka.
    • This allowed Alex and I to still make it to Sunday brunch at 1 PM with hours to spare, because everyone knows what a cranky-pants I am until I have my third mimosa.
    • Or maybe we could just invite the morons to brunch and screen Beaches over mimosas.