Translation of mind-bending in Spanish:


endiablado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmaɪnd ˈˌbɛndɪŋ/

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    (very complex)
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    • Instead of taking that defeatist attitude, I prefer to valiantly soldier on and find new music that's 100 times more psychedelic or mind-bending.
    • An armed robber is appealing against his conviction claiming that he was high on a mind-bending cocktail of drugs when he confessed to police.
    • The juxtaposition of the horrible imagery coming directly from the victim's recollections, to the obvious innocence of the parties involved makes for a mind-bending experience.
    • This is weird, transgressive, mind-bending cinema, reminiscent of silent-era German expressionism, and seasoned with Hollywood musical parody.
    • A Ph.D. is a long, weird and mind-bending experience, and bureaucracies generally are sympathetic about this fact.
    • The game lacks any kind of flow due to the often mind-bending puzzles and silly dialogue sequences.
    • These are, of course, just a sampling of the countless mind-bending and brain-boggling phenomena that have kept astrophysicists busy for the past hundred years.
    • And it's such a mind-bending, far-out trip that once-radical modernism comes to seem rather tame and dowdily down-to-earth.
    • Einstein's 1905 paper, along with another one he published in 1915, painted an entirely different and mind-bending picture.
    • A psychedelic pop tune, ‘The Test’ shakes off a troublesome start to find an intoxicating groove and mind-bending melodies.
    • But, like Jim Isermann's mind-bending geometric rug works, Leachman's paintings transcend the usual categories.
    • Certainly, the implications are mind-bending.
    • I think that's totally mind-bending and awesome.
    • From then on the album takes a beautifully mind-bending trip through some intimate, yet uplifting soundscapes that provide near-perfect therapy for our stressed out routines.
    • But what's more mind-bending is what she does with this.
    • This mind-bending mix of music is known as free form, a style pioneered in the 70's that mixes musical genres and styles to create a unique style of its own.
    • That living coast is the thing that draws me back to Torquay year after year, whereas once I'd witnessed the mind-bending beauty of Mauritius and the Maldives, I had no desire to do it again.
    • What a radical, grand mind-bending thought that is.
    • Although it introduces a host of mind-bending economic theories, the movement for sustainable economies includes more than a little whimsy.
    • This manga-based masterpiece steams ahead on so many levels and with so much depth, detail and mind-bending imagery that your brain barely has time to catch up with itself.