Translation of mind-boggling in Spanish:


que no le cabe a uno en la cabeza, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmaɪnd ˈˌbɑɡ(ə)lɪŋ/ /ˈmʌɪndbɒɡlɪŋ/


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    que no le cabe a uno en la cabeza
    • It was a night ripe with superlatives and mind-boggling statistics.
    • Ideas are sketched in and elaborated with breathtaking, sometimes mind-boggling brevity.
    • To the north west of the island lies Ruantallain Estate and a mind-boggling array of fine trout lochs which can fish phenomenally well in May.
    • His workrate throughout was impressive but in the second half it bordered on mind-boggling.
    • That's because Doctorow writes with the kind of hardheaded humor and logic that makes one suspect this book will be a mind-boggling delight.
    • It is these choices that are so bewildering, so mind-boggling, so paralyzing.
    • To an Australian, spoilt for choice with cheap, abundant and high quality produce, it is all a bit mind-boggling.
    • If ever you needed a glaring example of the mind-boggling senselessness of racism and racist violence, there you have it.
    • The detail in this scheme is mind-boggling and it is not going to be possible to sort everything out before January 1.
    • Organising a conspiracy of such proportion seems mind-boggling, especially since the precise purpose of doing so is unclear.
    • The size of such a project is mind-boggling, and the end result is one of the world's largest single sources of genealogical information.
    • A mind-boggling battery of advice books and government manuals has emerged to steer parents through every tricky situation.
    • I think about the difference between then and now and it's just mind-boggling.
    • Plans are still lacking on coping with the mind-boggling problems brought about by mass tourism.
    • His pedigree and family tree are interesting, and even mind-boggling.
    • Blame the mind-boggling growth of animation and related interests in the last couple of years for this development.
    • But her progress through the tournament has been marked by the absence of the usual mind-boggling array of nervous ticks.
    • Tourism is the world's fastest growing industry and the sheer scale of the choices available to punters at the moment is mind-boggling.
    • Beyond that, she sees no point in comparing the two titles, which launched the same month with similarly mind-boggling budgets.
    • Maybach has a mind-boggling array of features and gadgets, and one that is built to suit their tastes and preferences.