Translation of mind-numbing in Spanish:


embrutecedor, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmaɪnd ˌnəmɪŋ/

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    (monotony/work) embrutecedor
    (opacity/complexity) que atonta
    • Cook's findings are presented in boringly linear sequence, fact following fact with mind-numbing monotony.
    • So people eventually came in and the day developed into the same mind-numbing tedium that I've come to expect.
    • Well excuse me for interrupting your precious mind-numbing serial with actual news!
    • So, apart from the mind-numbing tedium of it all, what was wrong and what was the solution?
    • Go to their concerts today and the sensation is not so much one of shock as mind-numbing tedium.
    • However, in the context of commonplace and mind-numbing attacks on communism, his novel is freshly revisionist.
    • Surprisingly, I am not suffering from my usual post-alcohol mind-numbing hangovers today.
    • You see, I wouldn't mind it at all if it wasn't so mind-numbing and soul-destroying.
    • The thought of being entertained purely by tap for an hour and twenty minutes sounds mind-numbing and mundane.
    • Too much routine can be mind-numbing, just as too much spontaneity can be disorientating.
    • It's how they deal with the mind-numbing tedium of riding long distances, the games the mind starts to play as your reach the end of your physical and mental tether.
    • I'm not sure if the movie meant for this set-up to lead into hilarity or mind-numbing tedium.
    • For the entire ride, those same questions whirled through his head with mind-numbing intensity.
    • The sheer, mind-numbing, senseless, stupid waste of life leaves the audience shocked by this evocation of life and death in the Great War.
    • I can tell you I've gotten into some real scraps in interstate buses to get them to turn off the mind-numbing all-night videos.
    • Given the complexity and range of the details announced this allows ample scope for huge newspaper supplements and hours of mind-numbing TV.
    • It helps ‘break the tension’ over the whole horrible mind-numbing loss of life thing.
    • And so the court's costs have continued to add up, day after mind-numbing day.
    • What I heard was a seemingly endless string of mind-numbing platitudes.
    • The mind-numbing assembly line job took its toll by midday.