Translation of mind reader in Spanish:

mind reader

adivino, n.

Pronunciation /maɪnd ˈridər/

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    adivino masculine
    adivina feminine
    • Babies aren't mind-readers - though if someone is holding them awkwardly, they may be uncomfortable and cry as a result.
    • We say ‘sure he or she knows I love him,’ but how do they know if you haven't told them, they're not mind-readers, you have to say it… your children need to hear that now and again.
    • For some, it has even become an obsession: good tailors - ones who can do good workmanship, who are bilingual mind-readers and who are cheap - are well kept secrets.
    • People are not mind-readers, and young people especially are not always as perceptive as adults would like them to be.
    • The problem with this kind of ‘preventive’ measure is that we are not mind-readers.
    • Hair stylists are not mind-readers, and they want you to be happy with the cut.
    • That line about ‘understands me personally’ makes me speculate that what he really wants is a mind-reader.
    • Harry Potter author JK Rowling is looking for a mind-reader to take charge of the third film about her schoolboy wizard.
    • And I'm always impressed with seeming mind-readers (Blink goes into detail about what should be called face-reading) who can divine useful information from flickers of facial muscle contractions.
    • From here, the scene would appear to deteriorate into a C-grade psychobabble battle of the mind-readers.
    • Your partner, co-workers, friends and family are not mind-readers.
    • Grandparents aren't mind-readers so try and have regular discussions with them about discipline, diet and other matters so that they know what your views and wishes are.
    • A mind-reader… you predicted what would happen.
    • You're not a mind-reader - but I join the chorus who say if the company faults someone for wearing dress pants instead of a skirt, I would never knowingly work there.
    • It didn't take a mind-reader to work out that most of the warmly appreciative audience were considering that, if he were prepared to go back that far, might he be willing to retrospect a little further?
    • What was the point of holding back anything from her when the girl was practically a mind-reader anyway?
    • Try not to block the conversation - don't interrupt, launch into a monologue or expect them to be a mind-reader.
    • I think the other were convinced that this guy was some sort of psychic or mind-reader or prophet because they took his word as fact.
    • You have to be part equipment salesman, part mind-reader, part therapist.
    • More mind writer than mind-reader, Barry boasts an uncanny ability to direct and misdirect the participants in his illusions.