Translation of mindful in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmaɪn(d)fəl/ /ˈmʌɪn(d)fʊl/ /ˈmʌɪn(d)f(ə)l/


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    mindful of sth consciente de algo
    • He was always aware and mindful of those less well off than himself.
    • A wise politician would be mindful of what his constituency had to say, but he should not be dictated to.
    • Perhaps yesterday they were too mindful of history, too aware of possible pitfalls to show true French joie de vivre.
    • I've been very mindful of how I turn my head and am careful not to rub my eyes after applying pain balm for pulled muscles in neck and shoulder.
    • By midnight the bottle's empty and he crawls into bed, mindful of another important meeting early next morning.
    • Many Chinese reacted with alarm to the outburst, mindful of two major incidents in which they were embroiled in the past.
    • There was an intensive advertisement campaign recently making people mindful of the need to get the flu injection.
    • The military plan has been put together mindful of our determination to do all we humanly can to avoid civilian casualties.
    • Management was mindful of the challenge which they faced, particularly as the day dawned wet and somewhat windy.
    • Hollywood, for whom foreign ticket sales are greater than those at home, is ever mindful of how its movies play abroad.
    • Being the sort of person who obsesses over ill-chosen clothing, I am particularly mindful of this.
    • If a wholly different kind of Ireland is in the making, we should at least be mindful of the moral vacuum that currently exists.
    • It is also good to be mindful of those who have less than we do.
    • I am also mindful of the literary old, who are, at this point, surely less fond of me than I am of them.
    • He was also mindful of the tradition and continuing place that the Listener has in critical writing in New Zealand.
    • Staying mindful of quality, here's where you also get to do a little dietary exploration.
    • Parliamentarians should be mindful of this and take the lead rather than hold back and be over-run by the process.
    • In order to become well-informed citizens, we must always be mindful of bias in the media.
    • It's mindful of a changing set of values, and it's also not setting culture standards.
    • In making a decision, my ministers and myself have been mindful of the horrible suffering of some travelers by sea.