Translation of Ming in Spanish:


Ming, adj.

Pronunciation /mɪŋ/


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    (invariable adjective) Ming
    a Ming vase un jarrón del período Ming
    • the Ming dynasty la dinastía Ming
    • Detectives raided the home of a suspected burglar - and found a haul of Chinese Ming vases on the kitchen table.
    • The reddishness of the unglazed portion of the dish is characteristic of early Ming porcelain.
    • Was it the landlord's fault for leaving Ming china in the hallway?
    • Jammed inside this tunnel was a broken piece of Ming china.
    • The first one can be absent-mindedly tossed on the floor, then you can stick one in that Ming vase and another in the flower pot.
    • Handling them like Ming vases, the Inglebys reveal them one by one, their impact increasing by accumulation.
    • That Ming vase can sit in your study for five years or more before you see its value appreciate substantially.
    • So I cannot be used for anything concrete and I sit like a decoration among Ming vases.
    • To paraphrase Evelyn Waugh, entrusting LaBute with Byatt's book is like putting a Ming vase in the hands of a chimp.
    • Between the Ming vase and the plastic salt shaker sat the red ball, perfectly whole.
    • Leading the BBC at this moment does feel a little bit like skateboarding down a flight of stairs holding a Ming vase.
    • We'll roll up the carpets, hide the Van Goghs, cocoon the Ming vases and allow only plastic glasses.
    • For Croatia and Middlesbrough it was like watching a precious Ming vase wobble on its pedestal.
    • He was particularly struck by the quality of transitional Ming blue-and-white at its best.