Translation of miniaturist in Spanish:


miniaturista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪn(i)ətʃ(ə)rəst/ /ˈmɪn(i)əˌtʃʊrəst/ /ˈmɪnɪtʃərɪst/

Definition of miniaturista in Spanish


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    miniaturista masculine, feminine
    • The only others so far linked to the workshop are Lewis Barbar, a Swedish miniaturist and ‘China Painter’, and a Frenchman, Fidelle Duvivier.
    • The ‘distance’ between him and his work is different from that of a professional artist, but more like a miniaturist or a naive artist, fanatical about detail.
    • He was the son of a miniaturist and trained as a wood engraver.
    • Regarding the smallness of the drawings, Tinterow noted that Ingres's father was also a painter and a miniaturist.
    • Marilyn Peck, one of Australia's leading miniaturists who helped establish four Australian Miniature Art Societies, states that miniature art was probably first identified around the 7th century.
    • Maria Felice Tibaldi, a celebrated miniaturist, was represented by a small 1748 watercolor reproduction of her husband Pierre Subleyras's enormous Feast in the House of Simon the Pharisee.
    • That intimacy is appropriate, for the French artist Philippe Favier is essentially a miniaturist telling teeny-tiny tales.
    • Set in the world of miniaturists and illuminators in the Ottoman empire, the novel is constructed around the debate between medieval Western and Islamic art concerning true artistic meaning.
    • In the world of postwar art, Nozkowski is practically a miniaturist.
    • But I have discovered that Anton Krashny, the reclusive Polish surrealist miniaturist and sometime performance artist, is en route to St Andrews.
    • Eighteenth-century miniaturists were part of an industry of copyists who provided full-scale replicas for a range of residences and official sites or reduced life-size portraits to handy pocket-size miniatures.
    • When the miniaturist Giulia Clovio re-entered the household of his former patron Cardinal Marino Grimani in 1534, he was returning to the sophisticated environment in which he had been trained.
    • The ability to paint hair effectively is one of the yardsticks by which the successful miniaturist is judged.
    • Ever since its inception half a century ago, one of the Marg's main themes has been the art of the Asian miniaturist.
    • Westerners are constantly surprised and sometimes delighted by the casual approach of the miniaturist to his art.
    • The Khamesh provided great material for innumerable miniaturists to illustrate the stories.
    • Indeed, the details in both representations of the Old Testament story are so similar that the author ventures to suggest that the miniaturists deliberately copied the carvings.
    • An itinerant miniaturist, Dempsey later became a successful cutter of silhouette portraits.
    • All of them were skilled miniaturists but derived most of their income from full-sized portraits.