Traducción de minimalist en Español:


minimalista, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪnəmələst/ /ˈmɪnɪm(ə)lɪst/

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    • If you are thinking of investing in a home gym, do it in style with Furnite's minimalist designs.
    • Every floor is predominantly open-plan and decorated in minimalist style using concrete and stone, and pale grey suede furniture.
    • Might sound cheesy but its cooler than you think, with a simple minimalist design that keeps scene locals and interested tourists more than happy.
    • This almost minimalist design is simple, in contrast with the bourgeois interiors of Prague's past.
    • The interior is split over two levels, both designed in a minimalist style, and a highlight here is the availability of absinthe.
    • Jill's ceramics are unfussy with clean, with minimalist lines and simple curves.
    • The contemporary design reflects the more minimalist attitude in some of the more modern gardens where you are more likely to find steel and copper used in sleek water features, than traditional fountains or garden ponds.
    • The lean, minimalist design is refreshingly at odds with the usual run of touristy alpine decoration and furnishings featured at other ski resort hotels.
    • A business-like reception area sets the tone for a spacious, minimalist style throughout that is soothing rather than intimidating.
    • The next morning, fourteen hours later, they're still sitting there, completely destroying the whole minimalist design shtick.
    • Perhaps it does not dare make a virtue out of modernity and reinvent its interior in an honest minimalist style, so it serves up spadeloads of fake heritage instead.
    • The space, quite literally a white cube, was designed by acclaimed minimalist architect Claudio Silvestrin.
    • John McGowan's space may be a little larger but the minimalist style of small desk, computer station, neat cupboard space and obligatory plant is mirroring that of other employees.
    • A design queen, a minimalist restaurant, a plate of devilled kidneys and Bryan Ferry… Anthony Quinn finds the cutting edge of chic quite challenging
    • But what made Maya Lin's minimalist design so appropriate was that it was commemorating the dead of a war that many Americans opposed and that we lost.
    • The hotel as a whole has a remarkable interior: heavy dark wood and marble prevail in a rather stern, minimalist style that takes us back to the early 20th century.
    • The issue lacked the cohesion (although it tried its best to have it) achieved by Gutierrez's minimalist designs.
    • In keeping with Osho's philosophy of simplicity, this collection essentially is minimalist in design, the emphasis being on simplicity of line and form.
    • And here's how it looked in the original, intentionally minimalist TPM design I whipped up that afternoon.
    • Vases of every shape and design, minimalist masks that look like faces and vice-versa, and numerous experiments with geometry confront the visitor.


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    minimalista masculino, femenino
    • Although his latter-day works have been compared to those of Arvo Part and Henryk Gorecki, both best-selling minimalists, Tavener's music is different because of its immediate sweet-sounding appeal.
    • In other words, Matta-Clark accomplishes with architecture an operation analogous to what the minimalists and the process artists accomplish with sculpture when they deprive it of its anthropomorphic and immortal aspects.
    • Off ice, he listens to mostly classical music from the minimalists like Philipp Glass and Steve Reich to the romantics of Tchaikovsky.
    • In its place shades of geometric minimalists, such as Josef Albers, were summoned.
    • He might even start to look like a serial modernist, or a kind of expressionistic minimalist.