Translation of minor league in Spanish:

minor league

liga menor, n.


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    (in US)
    liga menor feminine
    (baseball/player) (before noun) de la liga menor
    (politician/writer/dictator) de segunda
    (politician/writer/dictator) de segundo orden
    (politician/writer/dictator) de segunda fila
    • An equally interesting but seldom reported story is the adventure of breaking into professional baseball in the minor leagues.
    • The topics of discussion will include college, minor league, and major league baseball.
    • The draft was taking players from the big leagues and the minor leagues.
    • We have five shortstops in the minor leagues who are going to be major league players.
    • After his final major league stint in 1946, Libke returned to the minor leagues for three more seasons.
    • McCarthy spent 15 seasons in the minor leagues, never making it to the major leagues as a player.
    • If you want, there's a minor league baseball game going on tonight in Orleans.
    • He just called me from Trenton, New Jersey where he is attending a minor league baseball game.
    • Not only might he break the minor league home run record, but also the strikeout record.
    • Leading the minor leagues in home runs as we almost enter July?
    • He even threatened to send the rookie first baseman back to the minor leagues.
    • So, if you need a minor league free agent list, head over to Baseball America.
    • If you are a Yankees fan, or just a fan of minor league baseball, I highly recommend his site.
    • Alan has gone into his father's law firm but dreams of making enough money to buy a minor league baseball team.
    • One idea is to require pitching prospects to come to the plate in the minor leagues, even in leagues that allow a designated hitter.
    • Being such a fan of both the minor leagues and the hot stove league, I sure wish general managers would swap prospects every once in awhile.
    • While things are once again looking good at the Major League level, the Twins have reinforcements if needed in the minor leagues.
    • After returning to the minor leagues, Parker finished his career in the Mexican League.
    • You put the ball in play more often than almost any pitcher in the minor leagues, yet you just don't give up base hits.
    • Ring was the first left-handed shortstop I had ever seen playing in the minor leagues.
    • This is for all those nights in two-bit minor-league towns, for all the times he was told he wasn't good enough.
    • Liar-liar works magnificently against the TV rookie, the minor-league humanities professor blinking into the camera from a remote studio in the Midwest.
    • It's okay to be wrong when you're an assistant professor and minor-league blogger like myself; the rules are different when you are the president of a university.
    • A minor-league icon, her popularity had little to do with her acting, resting instead on appearances in a few great films and an off-screen life as tumultuous as a three-hankie melodrama.
    • Someone makes a heartfelt, tear-jerking appeal on behalf of the charity, and then up pops some sweaty, half-cut minor-league celebrity who's a mate of someone on the committee.
    • Why bother squashing minor-league competitors in the Majority World when sales there are such a small slice of the pie and the industry earns obscene profits anyway?
    • Although Chelsea was sad for her mom's big letdown, she also felt relieved because it was a minor-league problem compared to the one she had feared.
    • Rock groups that sing songs with dark lyrics are gathering more and more enthusiastic fans despite their minor-league status in the music industry.
    • Regular readers of this column know that not long ago I found myself the target of a minor-league smear campaign.
    • Such stuff is fun and flattering to the reader's minor-league erudition in the same way as trying your luck at University Challenge is.
    • Basically that kind of a tepid turnout proved what we have known for some time, that Winnipeg is a minor-league town.
    • As a result, corporate licensing is no longer just a low-level activity, run by minor-league executives concerned only with plastering the company name and logo in as many places as possible.
    • Amber's mother forces her to train endlessly, trying to recapture mom's past glory as a minor-league beauty queen.
    • When they see what they're forced to take, when they try to learn to live on those monthly $500 minor-league checks, they might want to rethink things.
    • As Fletch opens, Jane Doe poses as an ‘amiable, minor-league junkie’ as he looks into a drug distribution network on the local beaches.
    • Throughout the course of thirty recipes, Martha presents fast and easy dinners that require only a few ingredients and are able to be attempted by even minor-league cooks.
    • Eric Roberts, who can be either outhouse or castle, comes a castle here as a slick, self-important minor-league thug who wants to swim with the sharks.