Translation of minority in Spanish:


minoría, n.

Pronunciation /məˈnɔrədi/ /mʌɪˈnɒrɪti/ /mɪˈnɒrɪti/

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nounplural minorities

  • 1

    • 1.1(smaller number)

      minoría feminine
      (group/vote) (before noun) minoritario
      to be in a/the minority estar en minoría
      • to govern with a minority gobernar en minoría
      • ethnic/religious minority minoría étnica/religiosa
      • a minority of students share that view los estudiantes que comparten ese punto de vista son una minoría
      • minority holding / interest participación minoritaria
      • minority sport deporte de minorías
      • The group is regarded as a fundamentalist organisation representing the views of the minority of Muslims.
      • And for the minority of people who can't, having restricted licensing hours is highly unlikely to deter them.
      • The A-level of old had a specific function: to test the minority of young people who would go on to higher education.
      • The minority of settlers that chose to defy the ultimatums knew that the government meant business.
      • How do we detect the minority of patients who really would be frightened?
      • These laws are aimed at the minority of annoying customers and not at the lovely ones.
      • Operative repair is necessary for the minority of cases that don't respond to splinting.
      • Throughout this period, there had always been a minority of rebels who challenged the rule of the clock.
      • There would appear to be a whole range of compatibility issues with small programs that a minority of users have on their computer.
      • He claimed those allegedly involved represented a very small minority of the district's Asian community.
      • Focusing on a minority of more profitable brands that are believed to have the greatest growth potential will actually help retailers.
      • It is an option only suited to a minority of tourists - independent travellers, prepared to rough it and able to speak Spanish.
      • It is only in a minority of cases that the problem is stress-related.
      • Nevertheless, even though it may only be a small minority of young people who are going off the rails, the report reveals much that is worrying.
      • So it looks as if, for the foreseeable future, unfurnished properties will comprise a tiny minority of the private rented market.
      • Perhaps because it got it from the founder of the state of Bulgaria, it is one of a minority of Sofia streets never to have been renamed.
      • Today, only a minority of islands bother with cutting peats.
      • There is overwhelming evidence that the Holocaust was real, yet a minority of ideologically driven historians still deny it.
      • Only a minority of organizing campaigns use such tactics effectively, she says.
      • This means that a minority of just 26 votes can block a decision.
      • The balance of voting in the Council of Ministers had, up to this point, meant that a 'blocking minority' of 23 votes was required.

    • 1.2Politics
      (in US)

      oposición feminine

  • 2

    minoría de edad feminine
    • During the claimant's minority the initial limitation period would not run.
    • Claims by children are not limited to those made during their minority; an adult child may seek an order.
    • The context was exceptional, for royal authority was weakened by the minority of Louis XIV.