Translation of miracle in Spanish:


milagro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪrək(ə)l/

Definition of milagro in Spanish


  • 1

    milagro masculine
    • A number of local shrines and icons that have survived earthquakes or other natural disasters are revered as evidence of miracles or divine intervention.
    • The miracles and extraordinary events of the gospels were reduced to allegory and one was left with that very English type of faith: tolerant, accommodating Anglicanism.
    • Sir Isaac Newton is enlisted to debunk magic, miracles and divine intervention, but we are not told why Newton remained a devout Christian to his life's end.
    • Even so-called miracles are explicable in terms of natural phenomena.
    • It describes the nature of Divine intervention, miracles, and communications.
    • People with traditional religious beliefs may view psychic phenomena as miracles or divine interventions by God.
    • This means, for example, that one may not say that the divine person performed miracles, since one may not separate divinity and humanity.
    • Suppose God somehow were observed performing extraordinary miracles, in whatever mode of observation is appropriate.
    • This preaching and these miracles confirmed this Divine truth: Jesus died for our sins; he rose again to give us a new life, and a life that is to be lived to the full!
    • Many miracles were attributed to him after his passing and he was greatly venerated and remembered in England.
    • Investigation then begins into miracles attributed to his or her intercession.
    • Mary appeared again at the marriage feast at Cana, and initiated the first miracle attributed to Jesus.
    • But miracles began to be attributed to him soon after his execution.
    • And you're right, miracles do happen.
    • Amongst them I perform the miracle of loaves and fishes.
    • Then, miracle of all miracles, I watched as David healed his sister.
    • The greatest miracle of God is when people are transferred from one kingdom into another kingdom.
    • For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.
    • The miracle of the loaves and fishes was a card trick by comparison.
    • The truth is that the disciples were very reluctant to believe in Christ's miracles.
  • 2

    (sth amazing)
    milagro masculine
    (drug/cure) (before noun) milagroso
    the miracles of modern science los milagros de la ciencia moderna
    • it would be a miracle if she gave up smoking sería un milagro que dejara de fumar
    • by some miracle he was unhurt resultó ileso de milagro
    • Secondly, the press this week hailed cannabis as a wonder drug and a miracle cure.
    • The new miracle drugs are genetic-based, promising better outcomes for smaller groups of patients with particular genes.
    • It moves in an unpredictable fashion more suggestive of an intoxicated sailor than a miracle of modern engineering.
    • Although popular mythology credits Alexander Fleming, it was Florey and his team who gave the world the miracle drug, penicillin.
    • Scottish consumers can at last get their hands on the miracle skincare product coveted by the rich and famous.
    • A Formula One engine is a miracle of modern engineering.
    • Doctors and scientists are divided on the merits of searching for the miracle cure.
    • But unfortunately there's no miracle pill or tonic that can cure your stress woes.
    • I even consider buying those miracle weight-loss pills - if only I had enough cash.
    • All they are interested in is pushing some expensive new miracle pill on you.
    • Toxic treasure: poisons and venoms from deadly animals could become tomorrow's miracle drugs.
    • The first Model T Ford rolled off the assembly line in 1908 and was a miracle of mass production.
    • Dad gave the miracle drug to everyone in the family because he had friends in the company that was developing it.
    • When it was first discovered, cortisone seemed like a miracle drug, especially at high doses.
    • The day marks a fresh start for a canal hailed as a miracle of engineering when it opened in 1804.
    • It's a miracle of modern technology, and a highly technical gadget - hence why I was attracted to it.
    • A miracle of modern technology, it is creating a buzz in markets with its continuing innovations and frequent modifications.
    • The building's very existence is a miracle of logistics and perseverance.
    • We should not be expecting instant medical miracles from stem cell research.
    • Many modern medical miracles occur in hospitals, unfortunately a few tragedies also occur.