Translation of mirth in Spanish:


regocijo, n.

Pronunciation /mərθ/ /məːθ/

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    regocijo masculine literary
    alborozo masculine literary
    • Laughter, joy and mirth should be considered some of our most primary objectives.
    • They soon subsided into a bout of laughter while tears of mirth glistened in their eyes.
    • Still, enough of this mirth and merriment, just because it's Friday doesn't mean we should go to pieces.
    • Each and every one found themselves at the centre of the fun and mirth of the occasion at some time over the weekend.
    • It always returns as pangs of memories about mirth and joy veiled by a distant past.
    • There's naturally rapturous applause intertwined with mirth and salivation.
    • They shared the joy and mirth of every other moment of life.
    • It is in these moments of mirth that perhaps the true genius of the Celtic Tenors is captured.
    • It can't be any worse than any of the tales of mirth and woe I've got lined up.
    • I aspire to be recognised for quality writing, for consistent humor and mirth.
    • Given the mood of gloom that has spread across the markets perhaps it is best to begin with a spot of mirth.
    • Whilst this provides a source of mirth for others, I find it downright irritating.
    • The sheer mirth of this Japanese puppet master injected the audience with ecstasy.
    • He started laughing, throwing back his head in cheer as he slapped his knee in mirth.
    • Their manic scramble was a source of considerable mirth to those of us cheering them on.
    • He embraces his newfound friend in the throes of passion and turns to look at me, his eyes full of mirth.
    • Ordinarily, this is the kind of footballers cliche which raises much mirth among fans, but on this occasion he may have had a point.
    • In the end her kindness changes her life forever, finds her a guy and more than makes up for lost mirth.
    • He limped towards Nicholas, who was gazing at him with tears of mirth in his eyes.
    • His face full of mirth, Owen put an arm around her and touched her stomach softly.