Translation of misconstrue in Spanish:


malinterpretar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪskənˈstru/ /mɪskənˈstruː/

Definition of malinterpretar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (meaning/words/motives) malinterpretar
    • His Lordship considered that, by misconstruing the words in the statute, the judge had made an error of law that went to jurisdiction.
    • This didn't really go down so well because they repeated and misconstrued every word, and she rang me up and abused me.
    • But Dominican nationalists, purposefully misconstruing its terms, have portrayed it an alarming attack on national sovereignty.
    • It's just far too easy for the written word to be misconstrued.
    • Her gaze narrowed and he realized how his words could be misconstrued.
    • The media deliberately misconstrue things because they want to confuse people.
    • This both misconstrues the data and misses the point.
    • I can only say that the Minister is either deliberately misconstruing this, or is utterly incompetent.
    • Be polite, and double-check your words so that nothing you say could be misconstrued.
    • To make this mistake is to misconstrue the personal nature of power.
    • I worry that this advice may be misconstrued, especially at a time when the news is full of journalistic imperfections.
    • I think he's misconstruing the pro-life position, though.
    • But I think this is misconstruing the role of think tanks.
    • This last quip seems to have been widely misconstrued.
    • Everything was out in the open, there was no real danger of my position being misconstrued.
    • I was interviewed by your paper last week and feel that some of what I have said was misconstrued in the article.
    • I am terribly sorry that this inside joke has been misconstrued to be a slur on any other president.
    • He is, after all, a writer of such clarity that his work can only be misconstrued by an effort of will.
    • It will be misconstrued as bribery, which is frowned on in legal circles.
    • We got the promoter to change this because it might be misconstrued by those not familiar with wrestling.