Translation of miscreant in Spanish:


bellaco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪskriənt/ /ˈmɪskrɪənt/

Definition of bellaco in Spanish


archaic, formal
  • 1

    bellaco masculine archaic
    bellaca feminine archaic
    • Four hundred years ago today, in 1605, the Gunpowder Plot was averted, miscreants brought to the fearsome justice of the age and a massive disruption to English history avoided.
    • She had never seen so many assassins and miscreants gathered together under the same banner in order to annihilate someone.
    • This is how the great criminals and miscreants of the world get started.
    • The miscreant was traced and brought round for a stern talking to.
    • In societies, there are freeloaders, scammers, and other miscreants.
    • The United States advocated war crimes tribunals against foreign miscreants abroad while opposing an international criminal court that might hold our own officials accountable.
    • Urban miscreants love to steal public works equipment.
    • Its streets attracted the villains and miscreants who would otherwise be widely dispersed.
    • Such acts usually heralded the coming of thieves, murderers or some other class of miscreants trying to hide from something.
    • Unfortunately, that means it could attract the wrong sort of attention from ne'er-do-wells and miscreants.
    • The tracing of terrorists, murderers, swindlers, child-molesters and the whole motley bunch of miscreants who flit back and forth across international borders had a higher priority.
    • Some towns in Russia employ trolley police with powers to fine miscreants or issue persistent trolley thieves with life-bans from the store.
    • Bandits and other miscreants roamed the dirt track after sundown, waiting for a horseman to come along so they could ambush him.
    • I keep a vigilant watch but did not see any crimes being committed or miscreants around the premises.
    • The enthusiasm for such measures reflects American frustration with crime and young miscreants, some experts say.
    • If miscreants persisted in their illegal activity despite this warning they could be prosecuted.
    • In our understandable anger at the disgraceful and sickening behaviour of a small number of miscreants, we must not abandon norms of fairness and justice.
    • What's more, they're probably so pleased to see someone when a burglar comes, they wag their tail and show the miscreant around the house!
    • At a time when the public is calling for the heads of corporate miscreants, you would have thought that the latest Census Bureau report on poverty and income would be great campaign fodder for Democrats.
    • We are repeatedly told in the Torah that murderers - and certain other miscreants - should be put to death so that the community can be purged of their contaminating presence.