Translation of misery in Spanish:


sufrimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪz(ə)ri/

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nounplural miseries

  • 1

    sufrimiento masculine
    the misery of toothache el suplicio de un dolor de muelas
    • This tale of physical misery, compelling as it is, is not the main focus of Young's play.
    • The physical misery it causes has been compared to advanced cardiac disease or cancer.
    • There were tears and dejection and frustration and misery and anger for North Ribblesdale last Saturday.
    • The people who are refugees in their own land will keep living in distress, fear and misery.
    • Human suffering, pain, misery, separation and bereavement are inevitable when wars are fought.
    • Beth let out a cry of misery and her exhausted mind finally let her slip into unconsciousness.
    • The rage and the frustration and misery all poured out as the tears trickled down my face.
    • If next week's action goes ahead, motorists will face long queues, frustration and misery.
    • She caused untold hardship and misery to millions of families who suffered needless unemployment.
    • They, too, had experienced fear, suffered misery, and had in manifold ways been victims of the war.
    • However, he would not miss an opportunity to stare poverty and human misery in its face in any of the countries he visited.
    • We must undergo a serious soul searching because the continent cannot continue to be a place of poverty and misery.
    • They are the anti-heroic instigators of death and destruction, misery and suffering.
    • In doing this you would save them and yourself from misery and heartaches.
    • That disaster has repeatedly brought home the face of suffering and misery over the last few months.
    • This is the only way, he said, to reduce the pain and misery caused by farm accidents.
    • There has been too much misery and suffering inflicted on the peoples of the region.
    • Untold human misery and suffering could be stemmed if Parkinson's disease became treatable.
    • It is an image of pure misery and despair, brimming with symbolism and the essential mystery of all religion.
  • 2British informal

    (miserable person)
    she's a right misery! ¡qué mujer más amargada!
    • don't be such an old misery, let them enjoy themselves no seas aguafiestas, déjalos divertirse