Translation of mishap in Spanish:


percance, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪsˌhæp/ /ˈmɪshap/

Definition of percance in Spanish


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    percance masculine
    contratiempo masculine
    without further mishap(s) sin más contratiempos
    • If you want a novel about romantic mishaps and minor disasters, Hornby's your man.
    • Choose an area with linoleum or tiled floors in case of mishaps or accidents so the area is easily cleaned.
    • For the crew, however, new locations, the heat and minor mishaps are all part of a day's work.
    • Ashford Hospital is able to treat minor injuries resulting from mishaps such as yours.
    • He asks Marco to make the sale and thus begins a whirlwind of scams, mishaps, betrayals and reversals.
    • The mid-air drama was not the first mishap to afflict the passengers.
    • In the event of mishaps you may need to prove these were part of the original agreement.
    • So the final dress rehearsal passed without any major mishaps.
    • It is a good start to try to deal with the difficulties around medical mishaps.
    • He is perennially dogged by comic mishaps and misfortunes, usually of his own making.
    • It is the cause of one third of all car accidents as well as countless other mishaps.
    • It was more than just a severe mishap, more than just a typical fatal training accident.
    • This mishap is a reminder that accidents will continue to occur in war as in peace.
    • One year my great grandfather was witnessing the event when a mishap took place.
    • The learning curve was steep, and there were occasional mishaps.
    • It had been plagued with serious mechanical mishaps such as overheating and problems with cracks and leaks.
    • Youngsters from a north west school have finally made it to the ski slopes of Vermont - after a catalogue of delays and mishaps.
    • Despite the cheers and applause, the officers had their share of mishaps.
    • Through a series of mishaps, including a divorce that my friend went through, the book disappeared.
    • If anything, the mishaps added a touch of endearing charm to their blaring charisma.