Translation of misrepresent in Spanish:


deformar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪsˌrɛprəˈzɛnt/ /ˌmɪsrɛprɪˈzɛnt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (event) deformar
    (event) falsear
    (remarks/views) tergiversar
    she's been misrepresented han tergiversado sus palabras (or su declaración etc.)
    • This explains why they are eager to misrepresent the nature of Strauss's thought.
    • This decision grossly misrepresents the nature of such practices and will only serve to distort public understanding of religious devotion.
    • It misrepresents the nature of the choices ahead for the Australian labour movement.
    • Jack, mate, I'm sorry I misrepresented your views on free education and feminism.
    • David is on record as saying that his views were dramatically misrepresented by the movie.
    • David, I hope I didn't misrepresent your point of view, and I certainly didn't mean to offend you!
    • He has also been quoted as being rather annoyed that the ID advocates continually misrepresent his views.
    • Please, if I misrepresent your views, do not hire death squads to kill me.
    • Second, he grossly misrepresents the views of the American people, blaming them for an increasingly unpopular policy pursued by the US ruling elite.
    • In my view it misrepresents the significance of the adjudicator's decision simply to treat it as part of the decision making process.
    • This view misrepresents the relation of philosophy to religion.
    • The statement charges the administration with manipulating and misrepresenting science for political gains.
    • Some middle-class British student movements have been criticised for misrepresenting the views of the poor.
    • The government accused the media of misrepresenting the minister's views.
    • A Hindu is understandably irate when his religion is misrepresented and misinterpreted.
    • I understand that the doctor has made it clear that his views were misrepresented in the media.
    • But a second problem is that such views misrepresent the biblical idea of election in a number of important ways.
    • The new system, which was introduced on Monday, uses a new three-dimensional map of the UK which some viewers also think unfairly misrepresents the North.
    • He misrepresents the financial stability of the current programme to convince the public that it needs to be ‘reformed’.
    • This misrepresents a crucial historical point.