Translation of mistake in Spanish:


error, n.

Pronunciation /məˈsteɪk/ /mɪˈsteɪk/

Definition of error in Spanish


  • 1

    error masculine
    a bad mistake un error garrafal
    • a serious mistake un grave error
    • a spelling mistake una falta de ortografía
    • there must be some mistake debe de haber algún error
    • sorry, my mistake lo siento, es culpa mía
    • to make a mistake cometer un error
    • he made the mistake of telling them his address cometió el error de darles su dirección
    • she made a mistake in adding up the total se equivocó al sumar el total
    • we all make mistakes todos cometemos errores
    • anyone can make a mistake cualquiera se puede equivocar
    • the fourth child was a mistake el cuarto niño fue un accidente
    • The simple truth is that terrible mistakes have been made.
    • People with great SAT scores go on to make the same stupid mistakes in their lives that we all make.
    • The danger in Iraq is repeating the biggest mistake - yielding to gradualism.
    • It seems that South Africa is condemned to repeat fatal mistakes that should have been learned from the past.
    • Avoid the common mistake of falling through the poles.
    • To suggest that embodied chemical properties can solve systemic institutional problems is to commit a serious category mistake.
    • After a while I realized the fatal mistake I had made, but I didn't cry.
    • As soon as he said this he realized his grave mistake and quickly looked away.
    • Because if you make decisions without proper precautions, you're bound to make costly mistakes in life.
    • Not making mistakes goes beyond turnovers, and the Colts simply made costly mistakes at the wrong times.
    • He performed well overall but did make the expected rookie mistakes now and then.
    • We can't make the mistake of assuming that everything is within our grasp.
    • She makes the mistake of assuming that Americans can not stop eating when served a large portion.
    • Historians sometimes make the mistake of thinking that early modern religious dissent argues secularization.
    • He warned that they should not make the mistake of believing that they could shelve their responsibility.
    • And it is only natural that we will make some mistakes along the way.
    • Sure, we made a few mistakes along the way, but everybody makes them.
    • Samples are named, numbered and color-coded to make sure mistakes don't happen.
    • She made the mistake of looking back at him, urging her to stay.
    • You know, mistakes happen in journalism, as they happen in the military.

transitive verb mistook, mistaken

  • 1

    to mistake sth/sb for sth/sb confundir algo/a algn con algo/algn
    • Mind you, people are often mistaking me for someone else.
    • People often mistook it for a girl's name.
    • As I said above, people often mistake me for a 16 year old, even though I'm 25.
    • If I had to go inside, people would easily mistake me for Nick.
    • And consequently, this is sometimes mistaken as not eating all that I should.
    • I'm still sometimes mistaken for a student, so could I be next?
    • Marine life sometimes mistake the bags for food and wind up choking to death.
    • I just wanted to emphasize: don't mistake your cat for a dog.
    • We don't mistake it as a sign from God of an impending calamity.
    • Survivorship bias involves mistaking what you see for what is really there.
    • He apparently mistook it for one near a Jewish cemetery not far away.
    • Schmidt apparently mistook ground fire for fire aimed at his flight leader.
    • A short woman in a baseball cap approaches me, apparently mistaking me for another snake aficionado.
    • One describes how ill he felt when he mistook a large vat of gasoline for raspberry juice, guzzling the entire thing before making the realization.
    • Nothing untoward, though one hapless guest mistook the cart path across the golf course for the exit drive.
    • Like the temperance movement, antiporn activism mistook a symptom of male dominance for the cause.
    • We'd talk for hours and I mistook this interest as genuinely concern, but then discovered she was also pregnant.
    • We mistook the governments of the countries for the countries themselves.
    • On the other front, Germans frequently mistook Soviet mortar barrages for aerial bombardments.
    • We didn't always know where everyone else was, and sometimes mistook one another for the enemy.
  • 2

    (fail to recognize, misinterpret)
    it's impossible to mistake her style su estilo es inconfundible
    • you can't mistake it es inconfundible
    • there's no mistaking that voice! ¡esa voz es inconfundible!
    • there was no mistaking their enthusiasm estaban entusiasmados, no cabe duda / sin lugar a dudas
    • The marshal mistook the message, thinking the emperor wanted to sweep the whole province.
    • But he later denied the reports, saying the media mistook his remarks in a meeting with the leader.
    • You were rude to him, and I do think you mistook his motives.
    • The Tribunal mistook it, as I was directly responsible.
    • But to read for the lost arc is to mistake what this book is up to.
    • Well, often wildlife observers mistake what they are seeing.