Translation of mistress in Spanish:


señora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪstrɪs/ /ˈmɪstrəs/


  • 1

    (of servant) señora feminine
    (of dog) dueña feminine
    (with masculine article in the singular) (of dog) ama feminine
    the mistress of the house la señora de la casa
    • she quickly became mistress of the situation pronto se adueñó / se hizo dueña de la situación
    • Servants observed their mistresses behaving exactly as domestics were trained not to act.
    • Leanne was rather taken aback by her mistress's comment, but nodded.
    • Although mistresses sometimes taught their female slaves specific skills, slave women themselves normally transmitted those skills from one generation to the next.
    • There can be no love between mistress and slave.
    • The orange striped black cat purred and stalked towards the pool table, curling through her mistress' legs.
  • 2British

    (in secondary school) profesora feminine
    (in primary school) maestra feminine
    • Despite the frightful sound of it, this acronym does not in fact indicate some child in callipers, nor does it reference what used to be whispered about the preferred proclivities of my biology mistress at school.
    • And of all the worst teachers, we had to be found by our discipline mistress, the strictest teacher in our whole school.
    • It was initiated, in part by Marta, Tomas's mistress and the local schoolteacher.
    • There are others who fiddle about at the edges of things, such as the stranger's gang, the schoolmaster's mistress, a boy who comes for private lessons, the barber, the surgeon.
    • It turned out their previous teacher had been a Miss Barwell from the Home Counties, a former elocution mistress who prided herself on her cut-glass vowels.
    • The Headmaster and mistress watched the students excitedly, waiting for them to hug.
    • This second post also carried with it a position of assistant mistress and Cartwright soon found that she was being diverted from teaching by the administration.
    • In 1963 she became mathematics and science mistress at Danebank and remained here on part-time duties until 1974.
    • I recall quarrelling with Mrs. Look, our dumpy discipline mistress, because I technically didn't break any rules, and she didn't allow me in.
    • The head mistress looked very warm and welcoming, although stern and strict too.
  • 3

    amante feminine
    querida feminine
  • 4archaic, literary

    amada feminine literary
    • Among the many characters taking part were Mistress Crabby and Master Mandrake, who stopped at the fair on their way to Bolton Abbey.
  • 5archaic

    (as title)