Translation of mixer in Spanish:


mezcladora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪksər/ /ˈmɪksə/

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    Building mezcladora feminine
    Building hormigonera feminine
    Cooking batidora feminine
    • All small appliances such as food mixers and juicers can be permanently housed there, with messy, noisy work undertaken out of sight.
    • Beat in the eggs, one at a time, with a wooden spoon, an electric mixer, or a food processor until the dough is smooth and satiny.
    • It was a time when pressure cookers, gas cookers and food mixers were making kitchen tasks easier, but refrigerators were still something of a novelty.
    • For instance, families that bake and cook frequently need plenty of room for equipment such as food processors, mixers, and blenders.
    • Once everything is weighed out, most things take minutes to prepare - even less if you use food mixers.
    • In a food mixer (or with an electric hand-beater), cream the butter well then add the sugar and beat until fluffy.
    • We also use top-quality electric mixers and stick blenders for our light mousses, sauces and purées.
    • Oh - and I want a food mixer of some sort, because creaming butter and sugar by hand is not a lot of fun.
    • The mango parfait is made in minutes with the labour-saving help of an electric food mixer and a hand whisk.
    • Place the eggs and sugar in a food mixer and beat for 5-10 minutes until thick and creamy, then slowly add the oil, beat together and add the remaining ingredients.
    • DIY is the nation's favourite pastime, even ranking above drinking, and women can now wield a power tool better than they can a food mixer.
    • Then beat the eggs and sugar together until thick and pale (four to five minutes in a food mixer; double by hand).
    • The easiest way is using an electric food mixer with a whisk attachment.
    • Combine the heavy cream and the confectioners' sugar in a medium-sized mixing bowl and using an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment beat the cream until it holds soft peaks.
    • In a large, chilled mixing bowl, using an electric mixer, beat cream, 1/3 cup sugar, lemon juice and extracts until mixture mounds softly.
    • Make the vanilla sugar by whizzing a few tablespoons of sugar with the seeds of a vanilla pod in an electric mixer and sprinkle it generously over the chilled strawberries before eating.
    • Transfer to the bowl of an electric mixer and, using the whisk attachment, whisk until thick and cool.
    • Put away knives, the blender, mixer, toaster, food processor, and hot appliances when not in use.
    • Put the mascarpone and icing sugar in the bowl of a food mixer and beat smooth.
    • You need to have an electric mixer to use the method described, although it is also successful using the traditional method that begins with creaming the butter and sugar.
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    Audio Cinema Television
    (machine) mezcladora feminine
    (person) operador de sonido masculine
    (person) operadora de sonido feminine
    • Your default mixer and audio devices should be automatically detected, so that part should already be filled in.
    • If the DJ sets up near the console, the DJ mixer's outputs can be patched into channel line inputs.
    • I worked doing sound recording for a company and I had a sound mixer.
    • He does it with just three battered audio cassette players, a satellite receiver, a sound mixer, three microphones and a homemade transmitter that he operates in the pantry of a house.
    • Because the beats were relatively short, he developed a technique to extend them for longer periods of time by using an audio mixer and two identical records.
    • I like to keep it traditional with two turntables, a mixer, a microphone and just a whole bunch of records.
    • Multichannel mixers provide a number of inputs whose signals can be combined and routed freely before being sent to the mixer outputs.
    • You may find that your voice sounds a bit higher, and maybe even a bit better than usual - Lee has set up the sound mixer to improve and enhance the quality of your voice.
    • You therefore need a sound card that has digital inputs and outputs that are compatible with your mixer.
    • Please see that the mixer and turntables are returned.
    • Tonight it's just him with two turntables and a mixer for a taste of his DJ set.
    • The book details numerous design methods for highly linear circuits that help ensure optimal linearity in small-signal and high-power amplifiers and mixers.
    • Well, we recorded our first EP on an eight-channel mixer with one compressor and a couple of mics.
    • You'll need to start with a mixer to get your signals together via the new and improved re-MIX.
    • I repeated those few bars on the Sequencer and then simply rode the faders on the mixer so that all the various interplays showed up.
    • Audio hardware included mixers, speakers, and both omnidirectional and directional microphones; the sound setup required some care to avoid echo and ensure high fidelity.
    • My first mixer was made for radio station use, and I was the only one who ever could get a sound out,’ he says.
    • The raw practice of DJing relies heavily on a slider integral to DJ mixers known as the cross-fader.
    • At 14 he started DJing with friends and swapped an Indian drum for a mixer.
    • The studio is designed to have an audio mixer, compact and mini-disc player.
    • Reality shows in general are incredibly demanding for location sound mixers.
    • With Ted, we've bred a staff of really talented mixers who are technically astute with the format.
    • ‘Audio Mixing’ allows the viewer to get an idea of what it's like to be a sound mixer on a film.
    • Bombs explode, music swells, gunfire erupts the sound mixers sure put a lot of work into this track!
    • He was also on The Young Racers [1963] as a sound mixer.
    • But I had to beg, borrow and steal, and call in every favor I had in terms of sound mixers and musicians.
    • For the more technically-minded people out there, there is also the chance to operate a camera, work the autocue or be a vision or sound mixer in a real-life studio setting.
    • The region is populated with gifted producers, engineers, mixers, sound designers and other professionals.
    • One thing that I never understand, though, is why the sound mixers on the set and their teams are rarely mentioned by name.
    • I took a job helping the sound mixer set up in a jazz club, where I met the director of a local cable-television show.
    • Contrary to predominant opinion, this mixing is as much guided by spontaneous inspiration based on aural-reaction as it is the subjective will of the mixer.
    • The independent film community was always looking for younger mixers, rather than people in their 40s or 50s.
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    (sociable person)
    persona sociable feminine
    to be a good/bad mixer ser muy/poco sociable
    • They have to be brilliant mixers, able to work a room and control the mood of the crowd, and the best ones now travel the world earning the kind of money most of us can only dream of.
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    baile masculine
    fiesta feminine
    • Tourists visit from all over the world to participate in the week's activities, which include concerts, parades, puppet shows, and social mixers that stir from dusk until dawn.
    • The Club will hold its monthly social mixer on Tuesday 18 May from Zapata's.
    • It all started at a grade seven school mixer in 1985.
    • Andy accompanies a friend to a singles mixer, but it takes a panic attack to make him realize he's not yet ready for the dating world.
    • There was, I felt, determination, but also awkwardness in the air - like it was the first mixer of the new school year.
    • A mixer held in the auditorium lobby preceded the main event, between long tables loaded with promotional material and association hawkers.
    • Surprisingly, Malak doesn't get invited to as many singles mixers as he'd like.
    • This typically will give you access to the convention events and mixers.
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    (para mezclar con alcohol) refresco masculine
    • If you have mixed drinks, use mixers that are sugar-free, such as diet soda, tonic water, club soda or seltzer.
    • The beverage side has the usual local beers around, or a bottle of imported whiskey for 850 baht, plus the normal soft drinks and mixers.
    • The distiller recommends only drinking the 180 proof poteen with mixers.
    • But they're taking it on their own terms, adding mixers instead of drinking it straight.
    • Alcoholic drinks, and the mixers used with them, often contain lots of sugar, increasing the risk of tooth decay.
    • The bar has a sliding storage drawer that can accommodate mixers, sodas or standard bus boxes.
    • Over the years the product developed with a balance between pot still and continuous still spirits, although the resulting spirits was almost invariably used as a mixer, usually with cola.
    • Quality cocktails are powerful and perfectly prepared but dozens of vodkas drunk either as shots or with mixers are equally potent and popular.
    • Tonight I shall drink several pints of wood alcohol with a refreshing mixer of Irn Bru!
    • Drink spirits and mixers, or bottled concoctions, or shandy.
    • Vanilla, too, pairs naturally well with mixers that have vanilla tones of their own, including cream soda and cola.
    • Consider also preparing highballs with bottled mixers; they make crisper, cleaner tasting drinks.
    • The menu is a perfect example of how using various flavored vodkas, liqueurs, fruit juices and mixers can open up a world of colorful and tasty profit opportunities.
    • If you had something to mix it with, all would be roses, but there is not a mixer in the house.
    • Not counting the mixers, it came out to $5.60 a bottle.