Translation of mobile device in Spanish:

mobile device

dispositivo móvil, n.


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    dispositivo móvil masculine
    • Businesses need a level of consistency across a growing range of mobile devices with diverse functionality.
    • Ask your employer or HR department to provide a policy on the appropriate use of mobile devices in your workplace
    • Our aim is to develop a set of educational games to teach science using mobile devices.
    • More than a third of our usage on weekends is by mobile devices.
    • In 2012, 32% of people accessed the Internet through mobile devices - an increase of 351% compared to 2009.
    • Billions of people read magazines, listen to music, watch television, purchase movies on demand and use mobile devices.
    • This platform promises an even smarter smart TV experience, via on-demand news and social interaction, as well as integration with mobile devices.
    • With the increasing use of tech toys and mobile devices by young children, many parents are asking: How young is too young?
    • Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of browsing the web and performing certain activities that were deemed to be beyond their scope.
    • "This is basically a platform that enables much more sophisticated pricing and billing across a wide variety of mobile devices," he said.
    • The company estimated that Americans spent a total of 157.5 billion minutes on mobile devices in July
    • The researchers monitored 205 people for an entire week to gauge their ability to resist common daily desires - specifically, the urge to check their social-media pages or mobile devices.
    • Apps running on mobile devices (phones and tablets) are an increasingly important part of most people's productivity.
    • In an ideal world, I'd want to store just about everything on my mobile device.
    • These days most of the audio we want to hear is on our mobile devices.
    • Using a mobile device to write messages while at the wheel is a dangerous distraction from what's happening on the road, which is precisely why it is prohibited in many countries.
    • Wi-Fi allows our mobile devices to communicate with a world far beyond our physical location.
    • Weisman shows how social media, mobile devices, and the cloud have created major new dangers and how groups ranging from local hackers to foreign organized crime syndicates are exploiting them.
    • An on-screen channel guide makes it easy to tap into content from your mobile device of choice.