Translation of mode in Spanish:


medio, n.

Pronunciation /moʊd/ /məʊd/

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    • 1.1

      (means) medio masculine
      (kind) modo masculine
      the most common mode of transport el medio de transporte más usado
      • the novel was his preferred mode of expression la novela era su medio de expresión preferido
      • a different mode of life un modo / estilo de vida diferente
      • He looked at the expeditions' objectives, countries of origin, leaders' experience, funding and modes of travel.
      • Our results show that these four translation proteins have experienced different modes of evolution.
      • When did we no longer appreciate that to dignify certain modes of behavior, manners, and ways of being with artistic representation was implicitly to glorify and promote them?
      • Different modes of travel created new requirements in luggage design.
      • Figures also showed that 72 per cent of commuters outside London used cars to get to work, with buses the preferred mode of travel for two-thirds of those using public transport.
      • Surgeons also need to decide the mode or manner in which laser energy is delivered.
      • The majority of teaching staff are comfortable communicating in either language in all modes.
      • Through ways of dancing, ways of looking, modes and topics of speech, the body is marked by the boundary and signifies boundary violation.
      • The mode of experience I employ here is no different than that of an atheist scholar.
      • In this uncurtailed version we are able for the first time to experience the full impact of his mode of speech.
      • Selected for and shaped by evolution, language has, most importantly, led to a new mode of evolution.
      • For hundreds of years, composers have argued over what's the best way to represent music on the page, and many have experimented with weird new modes of notation.
      • The scrapped scheme, which entitled eligible residents to travel on numerous modes of transport, was replaced last year by a statutory half-fare bus pass.
      • Another problem was how quickly the ‘primitives’ began to adopt European modes of dress, language, commerce, and social mores.
      • Indeed, an artist's skill may to some extent have consisted precisely in the mastery of a variety of pictorial modes and languages.
      • They were obviously spending more time online than they had with me around, learning new languages and modes of thought.
      • The symbols in this book range from those employed in processions or parades, to festivals such as Hallowe'en, to language, and to modes of dress.
      • From the point of view of a cognitive scientist, who looks at modes of thought, there are six basic types of progressives, each with a distinct mode of thought.
      • In four distinct but related modes of expression, the types of behaviour examined in this essay illustrate the fundamental importance of the public/private ethical boundary.
      • Anticipatory fear has two distinct modes: anxiety, a preoccupation with an impending threat, and worry, the internal struggle to find a way to escape the danger.

    • 1.2Computing Technology
      (operating method)

      modalidad feminine
      modo masculine
      • Major modes redefine how keystrokes operate, usually the Tab and Delete keys.
      • Software interrupts are interrupts produced by a program and processed in kernel mode by the operating system.
      • In addition to the control, the web pages display information about network settings, operating mode and system status.
      • It allows these applications to run, without recompilation, under a 64-bit operating system in long mode.
      • Virtually any UNIX or Linux system will compile SISAL code in single processor mode.
      • Passive mode locking allows the device to produce near transform-limited pulses and to be compact and simple.
      • While the temptation may be there to force the camera into an editorial mode, they allow the characters to carry the story.
      • The best part of the surprise was that not only had I taken these photographs on my own, but I also had taken them with the camera in manual mode.
      • Now put the camera in manual mode and fix the shutter at 1 / 125th and the aperture at f11.
      • Much of the work would be using the camera in Manual mode and demonstrating the different effects that the photographer can produce.
      • It also looks like they have really thought about the ergonomics of this camera, controls are much more logical and changing modes and options is much easier.
      • The slow shutter is very useful under low lighting conditions, while the macro mode allows you to capture an image as close as 10 cm to 60 cm away.
      • In a home environment, where there are no network servers, Wi-Fi Protected Access runs in a special mode, which allows the use of manually entered keys or passwords instead.
      • Random mode allows you to set up a course of fire and then just let it run.
      • This time our bugbear is the switch that allows you to alternate between playback, camera, movie modes.
      • There was one instance when the system was switched to manual mode due to a jammed ticket, and left in manual mode in error.
      • When it was in automatic mode you didn't notice the gear changes.
      • Various extra little windows make specific options and view modes readily available.
      • The unit can also be set to an autocycle mode, which allows the machine to be set in tenth-of-a-second increments up to 5 seconds for automatic cycling.
      • Pulsed mode allows a short cooling period between pulses and does not create as much unanticipated thermal spread and subsequent tissue destruction.
      • Most good printers have a standby mode that allows them to sleep and save energy when not actually printing.
      • I play around in manual mode, looking for the perfect combination of composition, shutter speed, and aperture.
      • The machine has three modes of operation: automatic, semi-automatic and interactive.
      • In manual mode, drivers can go up or down gears without depressing the clutch.
      • It can also operate in a silent mode, alerting security personnel with a flashing light.

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    modo masculine
    • Figure 4 shows mean and standard error of the mode, or most common, vessel length for the series of apple rootstock and scion varieties.
    • Various measures of central tendency and dispersion were calculated, including the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and skew.
    • Genotype and allele frequencies were calculated from the mean of the 100 nearest values to the mode of the posterior distribution.
    • However, for distributions that are highly skewed toward small values, the mode can be very difficult to estimate.
    • Weighted average time values for each mode are derived as follows.
    • Estimates of the median and of the mode of the distributions agree (up to two decimal places) with estimates of the mean.
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    Philosophy Linguistics Music
    modo masculine
    • His musical language is spare in style, its melodies and harmonies based on old church modes and the pentatonic scales of Finnish folk-music.
    • That relation appears in countless images of Krishna playing the flute to cowherds, in the narratives that accompany Indian modes, or ragas, and iconography used to depict divine love.
    • The tonality of the piece and the printed signature result from the scale or mode the composer has used during composition.
    • Byrd and Bull freed themselves from the old ecclesiastical modes, or ancient scales.
    • The mode then changes to the major for the extensive closing section.
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    moda feminine
    bright reds are all the mode los rojos brillantes están muy de moda
    • Longer length gloves, covered with cuff bracelets in the mode of Breakfast at Tiffany style will have a place worn with three quarter or elbow length sleeves.
    • It is possible to argue that York, like Aachen, was a city with imperial pretensions, with modern new buildings in the classical mode, and fine objects decorated in fashionable new styles.
    • Seeking to transfer the realist mode of literature to German soil, he rejected the naturalism associated with figures such as Gerhard Hauptmann.
    • The dictionary as a mode of literature is the antithesis of automatic writing, that disembodied burbling of the unconscious.
    • He worked in a variety of styles, often parodying modes of both traditional and modern painting.
    • It is plausible that this tendency in memoir literature reflects the corrective mode of the middle class through which it tried to vindicate its self-image.
    • Art Deco, however defined, never aspired to be more than a new look, a fashionable mode of decoration.
    • The bridesmaids wore Hawaiian-print dresses, a fashion mode echoed in the groomsmen's shirts.
    • To promote the boycott, they believed, was also to raise consciousness about socially-responsible and stylish modes of non-silk fashion.
    • In changing times, therefore, one must re-evaluate traditional rules, styles, modes, and genres.
    • The weekly Rainfall report will similarly change from the summer mode to winter fashion.
    • In so doing, it anticipates realism as a literary mode.
    • Its great achievement is to recover the complexity of a literary mode that could easily be dismissed as vindictive, petty, and obscure.
    • Unless investigative literature is afforded some artistic space, how can this type of literature mode survive and develop?
    • Once inside, the bedrooms will turn out to be, like the whole hotel, in the mode of plush Vogue Regency.
    • The prophetic is a literary mode long associated with Romanticism.
    • It would be great if this swing in taste could also help raise the profile of artists who have long been working in the newly fashionable mode.
    • But even Stalinist modernisation was not incompatible with older architectural modes.