Translation of modern in Spanish:


moderno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑdərn/ /ˈmɒd(ə)n/

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    (art/machinery/man/ideas) moderno
    modern literature literatura moderna / contemporánea
    • The small fields we see around us, which tourists come to look at, are not helpful when it comes to modern equipment and cultivation techniques.
    • Give troops the very best training and most modern weapons and equipment.
    • The roof has been repaired and modern kitchen equipment installed.
    • With modern technology and equipment, it is hoped that Chinese scientists develop new drugs with patents.
    • It will include a library and staff room and have modern information technology equipment, as well as provision for a wildlife area.
    • They need a break, which modern technology and management techniques can bring about.
    • While both guns celebrate the past, each one brings modern techniques and ideas into play.
    • Without modern technology and test equipment, they came pretty close to the answers that pilots ask every day.
    • It was an interesting display of modern equipment and technology.
    • Even with modern technology and equipment, the threat of death is very real.
    • One is that while modern ideas and technology have helped get us into this mess, we will still need them to get us out.
    • It is humbling to remember that the two lives saved that day weren't due to fancy new techniques or expensive modern technology.
    • Be happy to move with the times - be more modern and embrace more modern equipment and technology.
    • This legislation takes account of modern techniques and advances in technology over the last few years.
    • I can't imagine for a moment that these sports schools would possess modern technical equipment.
    • Any form of electoral fraud is a criminal offence so safeguards are needed, and as modern technology progresses, it's now a barcode.
    • The dizzying advances of modern technology have destroyed these assumptions.
    • The modern equipment makes it possible to find out the frequency of a word in a database of any large number, say 10 million words.
    • One is the setting up of a nationalised digital library with modern equipment, which could be accessed by people from all walks of life.
    • Rapid advances in modern technology are bringing the physical merger of man and machine closer to reality.
    • Degas was an artist torn between traditional art and the modern impressionist movement.
    • The exhibition of the year brings together major masterpieces by the two giants of modern art, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.
    • He called on architects to combine traditional Chinese styles with modern trends.
    • He was respected as one of the first art historians to apply the apparatus of traditional scholarship to modern art.
    • But its range is far wider, and it includes a very significant section devoted to modern and contemporary art.
    • But none of them as a centre for Indian contemporary art or modern architecture.
    • Many churches built today combine traditional and modern architectural styles.
    • Innovation in art is not a new phenomenon - we have seen paintings evolve through the ages from traditional to modern art.
    • The modernist belief that modern art should repudiate the past has been jettisoned.
    • Traditional and modern art performances are put on during holidays and the Muslim post-fasting festivities.
    • Manchester is a hotbed of modern architecture and art.
    • It was a marriage of innovation and imagination that brought to life a blend of traditional and modern art.
    • Contemporary sculptors often blend traditional styles with more modern ones.
    • Hardly anything in modern art is more familiar than a Modigliani painting.
    • He worked in a variety of styles, often parodying modes of both traditional and modern painting.
    • The fusion of old-fashioned values and modern architecture?
    • Before the modern period, the art of the grotesque was often placed in a religious context.
    • It works well with black-and-white photography and abstract and modern art.
    • She visited the exhibition daily, and it was there that she gained her first broad introduction to modern art.
    • He also has some pen drawings displayed, which are a mix of traditional and modern styles.
    • Interestingly the exhibitions link past and present with some modern artefacts and photos on display.
    • Over the past decades, modern encroachments and thoughtless building have marred the historic fabric of the city.
    • The comment remains true of periods of the much more recent past, including Australian social history of the modern period.
    • The grey bridges stood silently above the rivers, with the rubbish of modern life floating past occasionally.
    • Two modern women present a spirited interpretation of a Chinese folk tale
    • Far from exclusively singling out the Nazi regime, the modern age is presented as singularly tyrannical and repressive.
    • Suddenly you are aware of all the terrible dangers this modern world presents to the barely-walking.
    • He draws attention to survivals of shamanistic cults from early modern times to the present.
    • A walk down Tokyo's main thoroughfares presents the modern observer with conflicting pictures.
    • All the groupings and distinctions of modern feminism were present then.
    • A book that's not bad in context that would fall flat presented in modern terms.
    • It would be unusual for a modern historian simply to present a vignette such as the one above, and to say nothing more.
    • He has chosen nine areas of research to present his analysis of modern Japan.
    • Let us turn to the experience of rear services support in military events that took place both in the past and in modern Russia.
    • Before then, I though that our modern society had moved past such things but, sadly, it has not.
    • Some are remote from modern civilisation, others survive cheek by jowl with spreading towns and motorways.
    • He didn't know why, but it seemed like trust was becoming a thing of the past in the modern world of people today.
    • In this way, she presents a refreshing alternative to official and political histories of modern India.
    • The play takes the audience through a remarkable journey from past to modern South Africa by means of dance and song.
    • This lost generation is perhaps the most unempowered generation in modern Bahamian history.


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    moderno masculine
    moderna feminine