Translation of modify in Spanish:


modificar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑdəˌfaɪ/ /ˈmɒdɪfʌɪ/

Definition of modificar in Spanish

transitive verb modifies, modifying, modified

  • 1

    (design/wording) modificar
    • In the course of the final two days of debate, the government and the Labor Party used their numbers to defeat a series of amendments from the minor parties to modify the call-out power.
    • Despite this, and despite my complete lack of any experience at all with Perl, I decided that a good thing to do would be to modify them for version 4.
    • The trials in June will be to find out if it works and modifying it with a view to having a serious roll out next year.
    • Rather than modifying their ideas to fit their shapeless world, they try and modify the world to fit their precisely-shaped ideas.
    • It would be appropriate too if the powers that be had another look at the existing monetary penalties with a view to modifying them - upwards!
    • The company is interested in sustainable production and, like the other manufacturers mentioned below, is happy to modify furniture to fit the space.
    • He said you should modify your diet to fit in with the types of fruit, vegetables and herbs that you could easily grow.
    • To lead, you have to discuss and be prepared to modify your position.
    • With this tool, you can see what other changes happened at the same time and even what line of code was modified in which version.
    • They're actually modified versions of proteins used in the digestive system.
    • They're modified only slightly to fit in with the journal entry format.
    • Enormous subsequent engineering projects have modified the river still further, depriving it of huge wetland areas.
    • He claims it is not possible to have a public open space because the developer is not prepared to modify its planning application to incorporate a green area.
    • Doing that easily is mandatory, along with viewing and modifying information, data mining, ad-hoc querying, and other data manipulations.
    • In fact, I don't think he made a single correct statement, only asking questions and modifying the answers to fit.
    • A simple search facility was incorporated within the web interface to enable users, according to their user privileges, to identify patients and to view and modify their records.
    • I modify small details to fit the purposes of my story.
    • Recognize the times when you become stressed - prepare yourself and modify your behavior to avoid the situation if possible.
    • Brokers in each office could view and modify the sheets at the same time.
    • In addition, I would like to be able to add, view and modify appointments using my web browser.
  • 2

    (demands/proposal) moderar
  • 3

    • An attributive adjective modifies an ungrounded noun, thereby contributing to the specification of the type designated by the noun.
    • Since miss is a noun in this phrase, it should be modified by an adjective, not an adverb.
    • The semantic distinction between restrictive and non-restrictive modification applies to adjectives that modify nouns as well as to relative clauses.
    • Or the other word could be an adjective modifying the noun, as in underage drinker.
    • When an adjective modifies a noun (usually appearing right before it), it is known as an attributive adjective.