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modular, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmɑdʒəˌleɪt/ /ˈmɒdjʊleɪt/

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    (voice/sound) modular
    • The way one modulates the voice, its pitch, tone and tenor to speak to different persons is nothing but mimicry.
    • The man could modulate his voice into a great variety of tones, booming, hushed, lyrical, penitent, frightened.
    • And, like any good schoolteacher, she modulates her voice to great effect; during moments of particular drama, she is known for speaking to juries in a barely audible whisper.
    • A barely audible, beautifully modulated voice recounts some mundane or tragic moment, as it relays from one audio station to another.
    • In this respect he is closer to stand up comedian than exponent of crime cinema, enacting all the parts in his sketches with one variously modulated voice.
    • He modulated his voice to sound like a witch of popular legend - high, scratchy, and cracked.
    • Ethan questioned her, a hint of irritation in his deeply modulated voice.
    • ‘Uh, I don't know that I wish to discuss that with you,’ I respond, modulating my tones to imply he's being left out on some juicy gossip.
    • But the carefully modulated tones of this career diplomat were not the red meat that Fleet Street desired.
    • She stared and directed her resonant voice into the distance as if to an unseen audience, and modulated her tones like an orator.
    • Sue had commented how differently from my father I spoke, she said that all my sentences were perfectly formed as they came out, with my voice modulated.
    • When she speaks, and she is a dramatic storyteller, her voice seems modulated to correspond to the mood of the moment with an exacting precision.
    • His eyes gleamed hellishly in his red face: but the voice was rich, modulated, booming and kindly.
    • His voice was well modulated, and his speech slow and strongly articulated.
    • At first his voice starts to modulate like a radio.
    • The four poems published here, found among his papers-and dated to signal they were finished-are moving in the way the voice modulates from one to the next.
    • This sound or ‘voice’ is modulated and modified by structures like the lips, tongue and palate to produce decipherable speech.
    • In general, the successful seducers paid more attention to and were more nuanced in modulating the prosodic aspects of their voices than were the unsuccessful seducers.
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    Electrónica Radio
    (wave/frequency) modular
    • Method and apparatus for transmitting broadband amplitude modulated radio frequency signals over optical links
    • A method and apparatus for equalizing a received quadrature amplitude modulated signal is disclosed.
    • Multiple radio channel frequency signals that are modulated with respective information modulation are transmitted from a common antenna at multiple radio frequencies.
    • The signal can be modulated in either amplitude or frequency to carry data.
    • The duty cycle is variably selectable with either first or second pulse width modulated frequency.
    • The operation on a previously modulated wave in such a way that it will have substantially the same characteristics as the original modulating wave.
    • The apparatus is advantageously used in an interferometer to form a device that modulates the amplitude of the optical signal.
    • The chip then modulates the waves that the tag sends back to the reader and the reader converts the new waves into digital data.
    • The amplitude gain is determined by the detected photocurrent, which is used to modulate the amplitude of the local oscillator.
    • Each laser source modulates the input signal onto a wavelength that is distinct from a wavelength of each other laser source.
    • Digital data encoding in video signals using data modulated carrier signals at non-peaks in video spectra
    • During external to internal communication, an external modulator modulates the carrier signal with information contained in the external communication device.
    • Glucose modulates the fluorescent signal by binding reversibly to the boronic acid component attached to the quencher molecule.
    • Rolling the ball turns the chopper wheels, which in turn modulate the signal received by the photodetectors.
    • In the present system, a current supply modulates both diode lasers at different frequencies so that their aerosol scatter signals may be distinguished.
    • All these signals are modulated, multiplexed, layered, and intermixed into a cacophanous soup - but one that none of our natural senses can detect.
    • The x-ray photons trigger the ejection of krypton electrons with varying angular distributions of momenta modulated by the oscillating laser field.
    • Then a biphasic pulse was sent through each cell simultaneously, which was then modulated to reflect the pixel value.
    • As is proposed to be the case for the plant photoreceptors, this oscillation may modulate light resetting of the clock and affect the shape of the phase response curve.
    • Since the signals the service personnel will be working with are digitally modulated analog carriers, new test equipment and measurement metrics are needed.

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