Traducción de moisture en Español:


humedad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɔɪstʃər/ /ˈmɔɪstʃə/

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    humedad femenino
    (condensation) vaho masculino
    • As the place fills up, the extra moisture in the air condenses on the roof.
    • As the air rises it cools and the moisture contained within it condenses into clouds and eventually it rains.
    • In other areas, it is usually slowed by water moisture in the atmosphere.
    • I hauled myself out of the water and scraped excess moisture off with the blades of my hands.
    • This chart underestimates the amount of moisture in the upper surface of the soil.
    • Lions can survive for long periods without water, obtaining moisture from prey and plants.
    • Soil differences are usually related to changes in soil moisture and availability of water.
    • A careful note is kept of temperatures and moisture content and the process is adjusted as necessary.
    • Loosen the surface of the soil to allow moisture to soak in, then water well.
    • Two kernels per spike were collected for determination of dry weight and moisture content.
    • They keep for a long time, because of their low moisture content, but eventually turn powdery.
    • It is likely that settlement is due to the variation in moisture content in the soil.
    • Arums will grow in sun or shade but do best in a cool leafy soil that retains moisture yet doesn't become water logged.
    • Still there is the chance of more rain and moisture laden air on Tuesday and Wednesday.
    • Do not apply sealant to a damp wall, as it will trap moisture in, causing further problems.
    • Dew can give everything around you a cover of moisture, making it look as if light rain has fallen.
    • Is it acceptable that many inks smear with even the slightest amount of moisture or grease from the fingertips?
    • The quickest and easiest way to conserve moisture in the garden is by cultivating.
    • Place them on a plate or a towel and salt liberally to draw out excess moisture.
    • As we grow older, we all lose collagen, and therefore moisture from our skin.