Translation of money supply in Spanish:

money supply


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    the money supply la masa monetaria
    • By buying euros the central banks are taking them out of circulation and squeezing the money supply.
    • The least important were the unemployment rate, inflation, the money supply and the GDP growth rate.
    • But increasing money prices are unavoidable when the money supply is subject to relentless growth.
    • Money market fund asset growth and the money supply have both slowed markedly.
    • If increased, then it reduces the total loanable funds and money supply.
    • More growth means lower inflation because it absorbs the money supply, and a stronger dollar.
    • A second lesson is that the money supply or the exchange rate make poor targets for monetary policy.
    • If a contraction of the money supply sets in, household incomes will decline and it will be impossible to pay back these liabilities.
    • They raise interest rates and tighten the money supply to combat inflation.
    • Did poor control over the money supply lead to excessive monetary growth?
    • The money supply did decline in the first years of the depression, but this was not because of the Fed's actions but rather in spite of them.
    • Of course, increasing the money supply too fast for too long would eventually create inflation.
    • The increase in the domestic money supply would raise demand and increase domestic inflation.
    • What are the implications of a rising money supply on overall growth rates in China?
    • The money supply is strong, and businesses as well as families are reliquefying their balance sheets.
    • Despite the Fed's interest rate cuts, as of January, the money supply has barely grown.
    • He favored a system in which the government would control the money supply directly rather than through a central bank.
    • He delivered a thorough analysis of the redistribution effects that go hand in hand with changes in the money supply.
    • Even in these highly simplified models the control of the money supply is not simple.
    • No matter what the authorities do to stimulate growth in the money supply, the banks just sit idle, too scared to do their bit.