Translation of moneyed in Spanish:


adinerado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmənid/ /ˈmʌnɪd/

Definition of adinerado in Spanish


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    • Mainstream films, in the end, always look like lifestyle advertisements, flaunting cover-model babes, expensive cars and other trappings of the monied classes.
    • Well I think - we used to think of elites as kind of the monied class.
    • And the upper class of Bahamians are monied families who have made their money illegitimately and then tried to buy respect.
    • Like her own family, her clients would have been from the monied classes, with cash to spend on expensive beauty treatments.
    • Many of these schools do not live up to the popular stereotype of being well endowed and sought by the monied middle class.
    • In civics classes, world politicians are elected to serve their constituencies and the nation, not to serve as errand boys for the moneyed classes.
    • War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.
    • It's built around the monied classes who've benefited tremendously by the emptying of the federal treasury into their pockets.
    • This is a laid back clubby bar that attracts middle class Russians and moneyed ex-pats plus local and foreign students into techno and acid jazz.
    • As the place began to fill with various loud rucks of monied students, the relaxing atmosphere was slowly, but surely, poisoned.
    • Their ‘code of honor’ is as straightforward as the Mafia's: Always protect ideological kinfolk; always reward monied friends.
    • The people buying them are monied people and that will have a significant effect on the local economy.
    • The environmental movement also shared a damning feature with the cause of media reform: There were no powerful monied interests that would benefit by its success.
    • The working class is seen, if seldom heard, in this film devoted to New Delhi's monied and globe-trotting elite which does not allow even a wedding to interfere with its weekend golf.
    • The audience sometimes seems to consist of monied people who go to the opera because that's what people in their socioeconomic position do.
    • Her main aim, she said, was some high-end shopping, including a crocodile handbag from a Bangkok store, a pastime once limited to monied Hong Kong businessmen.
    • It's the nicest one in town, with real trees, lovely Victorian red-brick houses, and a real - if young, monied and clearly fabricated - community.
    • So far we know that, with hidden monied backers, he led a legal attack in the courts against a rival political party.
    • One needn't indulge utopian fantasies about abolishing government corruption or dealing a death blow to the power of monied interests in politics.
    • It is the corporate media that reaps the profits from the billions of dollars spent on candidate advertising ‘donated’ by the monied insiders.