Translation of monkey bars in Spanish:

monkey bars

plural noun

  • 1

    • They swung from the monkey bars and grinned from the hopscotch lines etched on the pavement.
    • With quiet little parks all over the place, with children playing on swings and monkey bars when school was out.
    • My mom, Tucker, and I would come to this park every weekend and play on the swings and slides and monkey bars.
    • Children have fewer opportunities to play on swing sets and monkey bars at school and in parks, too.
    • You can do pull-ups in the gym, on a tree branch, or on monkey bars in a playground.
    • We walked to the middle of the play ground were the monkey bars sat, and I told them what was going on.
    • Some played on the monkey bars, some on the swings, while others were content just to play in the sand.
    • It was like being a child on the monkey bars, like when I was a kid on the playground, back in the projects where I grew up.
    • When she reached the height she desired, she leapt off the swing and grabbed a hold of the monkey bars nearby.
    • I looked at his group then him, moving back to a ladder that led up to a slide and some monkey bars.
    • Some of my most instructive moments in grade school came on the monkey bars - we invented games there, learned to deal with bullies, made friends… and just had fun.
    • It was a breezy evening, and families were out-of-doors, children playing on the monkey bars of a little park nearby, people strolling past book stalls and market wares.
    • They were laughing and shouting and hanging by their knees from the monkey bars.
    • Others hang half upside down off the monkey bars, shooting imaginary spider webs out of their wrists.
    • Ok lets go over to the slide and monkey bars now!
    • Remember when we were about seven and I pushed you off the monkey bars?
    • Sighing softly, I scale the monkey bars and perch atop them, halfway across, so that I can balance myself on the thick bar that helps support all the smaller ones.
    • Kevin started running towards the monkey bars.
    • Ryan went from the monkey bars right to the slide.
    • The 15-year old Teryl didn't play on the slides or the monkey bars anymore.