Translation of monolingual in Spanish:


monolingüe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmɑnəˈlɪŋɡwəl/ /mɒnə(ʊ)ˈlɪŋɡw(ə)l/

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    • Children who acquire more than one language early can develop thinking skills that may elude monolingual children of the same age.
    • She grew up in Soviet Moscow, a supposedly monolingual society, but she remembers noticing and being fascinated by the range of accents and speech patterns she heard.
    • Very few people are now monolingual Welsh speakers, though I have met one or two in rural areas in central and northern Wales.
    • This is true even for monolingual adults and young children who never learned any formal arithmetic.
    • Most residents are more comfortable speaking local African languages; close to half the population is monolingual in a local language.
    • Unlike their minority peers, most mainstream U.S. students grow up in a homogeneous monolingual family and in a community where their mother tongue and culture are the norms.
    • Easier is to put all your languages on one blog, but then you risk confusing and possibly annoying monolingual readers, or of reducing one language to minority status.
    • All the monolingual students, who comprised about 50% of the students, were placed in that class, with permission from their parents.
    • The monolingual reader, free from vocabulary and prior knowledge demands, was able to concentrate on the interpretation and comprehension of the text as a whole.
    • Many of us complain that most college students are monolingual.
    • He said it once in English, then translated it for his monolingual mate.
    • The bilingual children scored twice as high on this test as the monolingual children.
    • As a monolingual traveler in a foreign land carrying only a bilingual dictionary knows, a fluent traveling companion would be a much more valuable aid.
    • This is very important for a nation like ours, which still has a tendency to be monolingual.
    • The monolingual Spanish minority still constitute much of the elite, and Spanish is used more widely than Guaraní in urban areas.
    • How did a boy belonging to monolingual Britain get interested in a foreign language?
    • Participants were all monolingual Japanese speakers from predominantly middle class families and attended school in a metropolitan region west of Tokyo.
    • Saying ‘Minchuan East Road Section 1’ to a monolingual taxi driver is likely to result in a blank stare, even if ‘Minchuan’ is pronounced perfectly.
    • Over 90% of Paraguayans are estimated to speak Guaraní, with about 40% of the population monolingual in Guaraní.
    • As a country we are in danger of becoming monolingual.