Translation of monopolize in Spanish:


monopolizar, v.

Pronunciation /məˈnɑpəˌlaɪz/ /məˈnɒpəlʌɪz/

Definition of monopolizar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (market/industry) monopolizar
  • 2

    (conversation/television) acaparar
    (conversation/television) monopolizar
    • It annoyed him to no end when I would do that, as he had now come to exclusively monopolize my time.
    • He suggested that football could be ruined, for many, if a small group of clubs monopolised all the talent.
    • Therefore, parasite chicks are reared alone, monopolizing all parental care from their host parents.
    • Marlowe and Shakespeare dominated late Elizabethan drama, although they did not monopolize it.
    • Another candidate that I interviewed said the party had turned in to a Dacca Club, or an institution monopolised by the rich.
    • Dominant individuals may benefit by monopolizing areas closer to the breeding grounds, thereby lowering ‘migration costs’.
    • The Montreal Canadiens became like any other NHL team and were no longer able to effectively monopolize the top-quality French Canadian talent entering the NHL.