Translation of monopoly in Spanish:


monopolio, n.

Pronunciation /məˈnɑpəli/ /məˈnɒp(ə)li/

Definition of monopolio in Spanish


    (plural monopolies)
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    monopolio masculine
    government/state monopoly monopolio gubernamental / del gobierno/estatal / del Estado
    • they have a monopoly of the market monopolizan el mercado
    • she doesn't have a monopoly on my affections no tiene el monopolio de mis sentimientos
    • to break sb's monopoly acabar con el monopolio de algn
    • With cities from Shanghai to Beijing to Shenzhen vying for a piece of the action, Hong Kong is losing its monopoly on China trade.
    • From its harbours, Albuquerque's fleet brutally enforced the Portuguese monopoly of the spice trade.
    • Decriminalisation has all the disadvantages of increased use while allowing gangs to retain their virtual monopoly on production and supply.
    • He did at one stage manage to employ one quarter of that number, but even with the monopoly on army supplies he never broke even.
    • The firm has an effective monopoly on the supermarket trolley advertising business in Ireland.
    • Personal medical services break the monopoly of the independently contracted general practitioner.
    • The Company lost its monopoly on Indian trade in 1813, and its charter for Chinese trade was removed in 1833, after which it ceased to be a trading concern.
    • If this competition were to be removed then the private companies would have a monopoly on the collection service and would therefore be free to charge as they pleased.
    • Indeed, ‘Samuel was thought to enjoy a virtual monopoly on all Moroccan trade with the Netherlands’.
    • As a general rule, these companies were given a monopoly on trade in a region.
    • The Post Office has a monopoly on these services and customers do not have the luxury of choosing another supplier in the immediate area.
    • The only way to break their hold is to remove their monopoly on supply.
    • The heroine lives in a remote village in Olea - the corporation/state that has a global monopoly on olive oil production.
    • Sovereignty resides in the people and no branch may claim to possess a monopoly of the sovereign powers.
    • Conservative governments commercialised a public service, broke its monopoly on stamp sales and closed many hundreds of sub post offices.
    • In Pattaya, by contrast, the baht bus enjoys a de facto monopoly on the taxi service.
    • Deregulation has the effect of causing many state-owned insurers to lose their monopoly on the local markets.
    • It used to have a ‘wow factor’ and a monopoly on upmarket shops, but these retailers have been opening up in other parts of London and in towns all over the country.
    • That's the legal term used to describe a company that leverages a monopoly in one market into an adjacent area.
    • The planned expansion is expected to put the company in a competitive position if Gasprom's monopoly over natural gas transportation is waived.
  • 2Trademark Monopoly

    Monopoly masculine Trademark
    El Estanciero Argentina Trademark