Translation of monosyllable in Spanish:


monosílabo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑnəˌsɪləb(ə)l/ /ˈmɒnə(ʊ)sɪləb(ə)l/


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    monosílabo masculine
    he answered in monosyllables contestó con monosílabos
    • When she tried to initiate conversations her friend replied in monosyllables and she soon gave up.
    • He tried his best to strike up a conversation with her but she was unresponsive and spoke in monosyllables.
    • She tries to strike up a conversation with him, and he responds in monosyllables, clearly not wanting to talk.
    • His son recalls, ‘Dad originally thought that his interviews with Mother Teresa had flopped because she only answered in monosyllables.’
    • Bewildered, the composer answered in monosyllables, until a frustrated Churchill gave up and turned to the guest on his left.
    • He would sit across from his 14-year-old son, Matt, while they pushed takeaway food around the plate and spoke in monosyllables.
    • If someone is asking you about yourself, answer in monosyllables.
    • John Wayne, she points out, spoke in monosyllables, often to denounce communication and chatter.
    • Again and again, their examiners claimed they were unresponsive, ‘lowering their eyes… staring at the floor, only answering in monosyllables.’
    • He tried to get me talking again while I waiting for the Captain, but I just couldn't find the heart to do more than answer in monosyllables.
    • Alana didn't seem to have such problems, wandering over every few minutes to Romeo who either ignored her or answered her in monosyllables.
    • It didn't help that Jeff was so preoccupied that he answered in monosyllables, but Denise didn't think of that.
    • Jeff responds in monosyllables and Travis, my best guy friend, gets incredibly distracted by what is going on in the room around him.
    • The son sells watches on the street for a living, speaking only in monosyllables to his customers.
    • He tried to talk with her, but she simply stared straight ahead and answered him in monosyllables.
    • Maxine was keeping up a cheerful banter all the way to my rooms, but by then I was too tired to reply in more than monosyllables between the yawns.
    • Ella and Joe do not remark on this departure from his usual laconic monosyllables.