Translation of monster in Spanish:


monstruo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑnstər/ /ˈmɒnstə/

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  • 1

    (imaginary creature)
    monstruo masculine
    • She was made into a horrid, ugly monster.
    • From the mountain chain before them emerged a terrifying creature, a monster, a demon to be precise.
    • A family sleeping together is safe from things that go bump in the night, whether imaginary monsters or real predators on the savannah.
    • Green-eyed monsters reared their ugly heads long enough for the Captain to attempt decapitation.
    • One day, a villager suggested firing off fire crackers, bang loud gongs and fly red banner to try to frighten off the monster.
    • In a cave lives the ugliest monster in the world.
    • They loved to tiptoe dramatically across the bridge grimacing in anticipation of waking their imaginary monster.
    • Terrible creatures had come - monsters made of stone, taller than a Rikath, with shiny black and purple skin and no faces.
    • Megan was at that stage where she was afraid to sleep in her own bed-she was seven, and still afraid of monsters and creatures of darkness.
    • Now five of the ugly monsters were upon him, he wasn't fairing to well.
    • It will, however, provide you with an hour and a half of ugly deformed monsters eating innocent people.
    • He saw a man lying on the ground, about to be run through by the blade of one of the ugly monsters.
    • He also helps to show that some mysterious creatures are not terrible monsters.
    • The pathetic creature that the monster had attacked was now being ravenously consumed by the large bug.
    • There was a gargle of noise, it was scary, my image blurred, the noise was deafening and frightening, as a monster was emerging.
    • They were the metallic monsters that frightened generations of children into hiding behind the sofa.
    • In the book you'll also find magic and monsters, angels and demons, magical swords and forbidden books.
    • It's an ugly monster that feeds on the fear of the unknown.
    • I started running away from the ugly monster but it started chasing me and growling.
    • These are horrid creatures, beasts and monsters.
  • 2

    (unpleasant person)
    monstruo masculine
    • Please don't be as uncivilized, thoughtless, and cruel as the monsters who committed these senseless acts.
    • She was a fraud, a monster, and a cruel mean beast.
    • He became a monster, a cruel and crafty invader who was stopped only by epic courage and perseverance.
    • She wanted to comprehend what made people into unfeeling monsters who took life without a care.
    • People were getting stuck into him, saying he was the cause of all our troubles, that he was a scoundrel and a monster.
    • As a result, people who seem normal, your everyday Joe, suddenly become these sadistic monsters who will stoop to anything to achieve the end.
    • Don is neither the monster nor the beast that James makes him out to be.
    • They find a little place in the country, far away from monsters and bullies.
    • Does calling these men beasts and monsters ignore the fact that, on some level, many of them are also victims?
    • How could he have been such a monster, how could he have been so cruel?
    • Marina is a monster, selfish and manipulative and sulky.
    • However, as soon as they become troublesome teenagers, they are monsters who need locking up for life.
    • Interestingly, the only one not making her out to be some inhuman monster is her husband, who has stood by her throughout the mess.
    • For a long time we wanted to believe that here we were dealing with abnormal monsters, psychopaths, or mentally defective, even psychotic individuals.
    • They feel that if the world considers them a monster they might as well behave like a monster.
    • Now, I think the guy is a monster of the first order and would be very happy to see him sent packing: but does anyone have a clue what would happen if he got forced out?
    • But she would not give these monsters the satisfaction of breaking her down.
    • I pondered that thought and raised my head to see the green eyed monster, my boss.
    • What hideous, heartless monsters these voters are!
    • Denzel Washington, especially, feasts upon this role and creates a tragic monster.
  • 3

    (sth large)
    a monster of a dog un perro enorme
    • this monster of a book este mamotreto