Translation of month in Spanish:


mes, n.

Pronunciation /mənθ/ /mʌnθ/

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    mes masculine
    lunar month mes lunar
    • the month of June el mes de junio
    • he only works six months a year / of the year solo trabaja seis meses al año
    • $900 a month 900 dólares mensuales / por mes / al mes
    • at the beginning of the month a principios de mes
    • at the end of the month a fines de mes
    • in a month's time / in a month dentro de un mes
    • I haven't seen him for / in months hace meses que no lo veo
    • he got three months le cayeron tres meses
    • it's that / the time of the month estoy (or está etc.) con la regla
    • Adeline Nakamura had met Bernard almost a year ago and they had been dating for a month.
    • This information must be sent to the address above within three months of the date of this letter.
    • If he is given the go ahead, it could be months before a date is set for the hearing.
    • He has had a long time to prepare the case and has known of the hearing date for months.
    • It lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and occurs over a period of weeks to months.
    • How this mood develops will depend hugely on whether the days and weeks spread to months and years.
    • Whether you hold them for weeks, months or years, shares are simply a means to a financial end.
    • Documents can be scanned and filed in seconds and made available a week, a month or a year later at the touch of a button.
    • Nurseries provide care for children aged from around six months up to five years old.
    • If you owe money for repair or valuation, the date must be at least three months from the day the notice is sent.
    • He jailed Khan for three years and nine months for riot, but added a further month for the breach of bail.
    • Stevens was jailed for three years and three months for the store raid last June.
    • The nursery will offer care for children from three months to five years at affordable prices.
    • The final deadline is no later than four months after the first day of the course.
    • The letter was posted on 8 September and arrived at a house in Nairobi one month later.