Translation of monty in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmɑn(t)i/ /ˈmɒnti/


  • 1

    to go the full monty ir por todas informal
    • I'm not certain whether shareholders can expect the full monty through their letterboxes, but they might think about clearing a space just in case.
    • I was going for the really basic medical check, rather than the full monty, mainly as it was the cheapest option.
    • It had hairpin bends and was in the blaze of the midday sun - the full monty as far as mountains go.
    • He wants the full monty - and he'd even pay for it.
    • I think I'll treat her to the full monty at the car wash tomorrow.
    • Next day, I couldn't resist the pull of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and cooked up the full monty.
    • On another wall an assortment of breakfasts from the full monty to the modest vegetarian was advertised.
    • Norway's sprinting squad has gone the full monty for charity.
    • For the full monty, you'd have to look at how the Consumer Credit Act (and subsequent regulations) says it has to be done.
    • The meal was the full monty ending up with cheese and a port of which I had several glasses.
  • 2

    (total nudity)
    to do the full monty quedar(se) en cueros informal