Translation of mordant in Spanish:


mordaz, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɔrdnt/ /ˈmɔːd(ə)nt/

Definition of mordaz in Spanish


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    • His songs are frequently grim, a catalogue of human misery shot through with mordant humour and flashes of spiritual or psychological calm.
    • There is an amount of mordant humour surrounding the shocking murders.
    • Still, the film is worth watching for its mordant humour and brutally honest view of addiction.
    • Both directors' films are shot through with a mordant humour which echoes the essential Dublin.
    • As a writer who is constantly described as a purveyor of mordant wit and dark humour in subjects such as death and alcoholism, you could say that stand-up was the natural stepping stone in communicating her thoughts.
    • His pessimism about human nature and emphasis on mordant criticism of failings among the clergy, however, were not typical of all humanists.
    • Tense, haunted and melancholy, the composer's dark vision was only relieved by a mordant strain of humour.
    • He remained committed to exploring his penchant for mordant wit, the celebration of the esoteric, the glorification of all things absurd.
    • You can hear the family influence: her brother's propensity for melodrama, mom's acute eye for telling lyrical detail, dad's mordant black humour, along with her own caustic imagery.
    • The first opera was written when the composer was twenty-five, and it has all the glinting lightness and mordant irreverence that his early works display.
    • There are many - too many - first-person accounts of illness but because she doesn't seek to entertain us we are spared the improbable levity and mordant wit that have become standard.
    • Chance, luck, mobility and enterprise characterise the larger narrative as well as the individual stories in this inimitable bricolage of reflection, jokes and mordant ironies.
    • The book, by being both depressing and exhilarating gave mordant insight into the Edinburgh housing projects where the writer grew up.
    • Although somewhat bleak, it is a graceful affair, lovingly crafted, deeply felt, and spiked with mordant cleverness.
    • There are flashes of her old, mordant wit, but with very few exceptions, little of the lives or personalities of her protagonists is given room to come alive and breathe.
    • With remarkable economy, he condenses these depressing proceedings into a short, mordant drama about the ruthless crushing of a brilliant spirit.
    • Aron had become rather mordant, and she thought it essential that he gain some cheer before the long walk home.
    • Though they total no more than about 35,000 words, his 12 mordant tales are little aerial masterpieces about social change, aging and divorce.