Translation of more in Spanish:


más, adj.

Pronunciation /mɔr/ /mɔː/

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  • 1

    (additional number, amount)
    I need more time necesito más tiempo
    • would you like some more? ¿quieres más?
    • they didn't ask any more questions no hicieron más preguntas
    • there'll be no more talking se acabó la charla
    • they plan to build a lot more houses piensan construir muchas más casas
    • how much more flour should I put in? ¿cuánta harina más tengo que agregarle?
    • how many more people have to die? ¿cuántos más tienen que morir?
    • for more information call 387351 para mayor información llamar al 38-73-51
    • you could do with a bit more exercise deberías hacer un poco más de ejercicio
    • I have just one more question tengo una sola pregunta más
    • wait ten more minutes espera diez minutos más
    • more and more people are becoming dissatisfied cada vez hay más gente insatisfecha
    • the more money you earn, the more tax you have to pay cuanto más dinero se gana, (tantos) más impuestos hay que pagar
  • 2

    (in comparisons)
    I eat more meat than you yo como más carne que tú
    • I read more than I used to leo más que antes


  • 1

    (additional number, amount)
    they always want more siempre quieren más
    • let's say no more about it no hablemos más del asunto
    • toys, games and much, much more juguetes, juegos y muchísimas cosas más
    • how much/many more do you want? ¿cuánto/cuántos más quieres?
    • what more could you possibly want? ¿qué más puedes pedir / quieres?
    • the more she eats, the thinner she gets cuanto más come, más adelgaza
    • have you anything more to say? ¿tiene algo más que decir?
    • more of the snow has melted se ha derretido más nieve
    • I'd like to see more of my children me gustaría ver a mis hijos más a menudo
    • So the good news for the company is that more customers are positive about the merger than before.
    • Baxter spent four more weeks writing another letter.
    • We are all positive and there is a lot more of a professional attitude around the whole team.
    • We don't want a two-tier service where the rich can pay more for better facilities.
    • Income tax is the fairest and most efficient way of paying for common services because the rich pay more.
    • How much more of this do we have to put up with?
    • The bad news is that we're going to have to dig extremely deep to buy more space.
    • Frequently magnificent, ‘Blue Eyed in the Red Room’ offers up more with every listen.
    • Anything to generate more trade is positive but it depends how much disruption there is.
    • But ballet was more structured and I'm more of a free spirit, so I liked skating the most.
    • What I know is that they want to increase tax on rich people to spend more on pensions.
    • Choosing your language more carefully will mean more people will listen to you.
    • The more you shout, the higher you jump, the bigger your hat, the more people listen to your music.
    • Lunch or dinner for two with wine and great bread, costs no more than 30 euros.
    • At least 100,000 tried to survive on no more than a bowl of soup a day, often boiled from straw.
    • Namibia should be able to grow and produce much more than what is currently the case.
    • Any worker forced to work more than 48 hours would be able to take their employer to a tribunal.
    • The far reaches of the parking lot were no more than about fifty feet from the building.
    • If only there were more than 24 hours in a day; if only you could buy yourself a bit more time.
    • I got confirmation from him today that there were no more than 600 or 700 signatures.
  • 2

    (in comparisons)
    you eat more than me tú comes más que yo
    • it won't cost more than $10 no costará más de diez dólares
    • no more than 20 people were present no había más de 20 personas
    • we had four more than we needed nos sobraron cuatro
    • there's more to life than politics hay cosas más importantes en la vida que la política
    • there are more of us than them somos más que ellos
    • my brother is more of a businessman than I am mi hermano tiene mucha más idea para los negocios que yo


  • 1

    • 1.1(to greater extent)

      you watch television more than I do tú ves más televisión que yo
      • I couldn't agree more estoy totalmente de acuerdo
      • I don't go there any more than I have to no voy ahí más de lo necesario
      • I admired his courage the more for my own fear el hecho de sentir yo miedo me hacía admirar aún más su valor
      • they tried to take it from her, but she clung to it all the more intentaron quitárselo, pero ella se aferró aún más a él
      • I've been more than fair with you he sido más que justo contigo
      • she no more sat for Picasso than I did esa posó para Picasso tanto como yo
      • I was more than a little surprised by your attitude tu actitud me sorprendió bastante
      • Why are some social groups able to influence the political agenda more than others?
      • City more than matched the league leaders for an hour and could count themselves unlucky not to be in front.
      • He also accused Labour of privatising public services more than the Tories did.
      • Amazingly, Alan has never sat any training exams but his experience more than makes up for that.
      • The music world has more than made its presence felt in the past few weeks.
      • Cologne went two goals down and had Moses Sichone sent off for foul play after little more than half an hour.
      • Councillors were also listening more to carers, users and the public in general.
      • We sat some more, listening to the jukebox which was playing some really remarkable tat.
      • Perhaps the people around them should have listened more to the doubts that they did express.
      • Lee plans to step away from the management of the company, leaving it in the hands of Harris, so he can focus more on his art.

    • 1.2

      could you please speak more clearly? ¿podría hacer el favor de hablar más claro?
      • more often con más frecuencia
      • the more experienced of the two candidates el candidato con más experiencia de los dos
      • this made her all the more determined esto la afirmó aún más en su resolución
      • The tone of what he said that was far more important, far more significant, than the words he used.
      • Think how much more important education is for our children then it was for us.
      • You could simply use water, but stock makes the soup richer and more heart-warming.
      • The feel is of something nimbler and more complex, carefully presented in a charming space.
      • On a slightly more positive note, at least I managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done.
      • I just find blues to be a lot more rewarding to listen to then a lot of contemporary bands.
      • Saleem said music helped young people to be more aware of important issues.
      • He managed to convey a more vivid sense of what life in the 1980s was like for aspiring artists.
      • Linking private with public lives makes for a richer but also a more complex picture.
      • They happily collaborate with the elite in the richer and more powerful states.
      • Are girls more intelligent than boys during puberty?
      • You might open the discussion by saying that you have unusually acute hearing, and you'd appreciate it if they made an effort to speak more softly.
      • On land, there was a rich flora in the more rainy regions to provide swamp and forest coverage.
      • Basically, the rich are more likely to go to university and therefore they are the ones who have to fork out.
      • Try to have a more positive attitude; it will make you seem more confident and therefore more attractive.
      • You may find it more satisfying to listen to their early albums rather than this anthology.
      • I should have been listening more carefully when my old grampy was telling me what shares to buy.
      • Moreover, reviews are more likely to have dramatic findings if their methods are weak.
      • Moreover, their impact is often more obvious and tangible than it was in an earlier era.
      • Perhaps a more responsible attitude might then be shown by future generations.
      • We often find that longer words convey subtler and more finely nuanced meanings.

  • 2

    (again, longer)
    once/twice more una vez/dos veces más
    • I don't eat meat any more ya no como carne
    • we slept, then talked some more dormimos, luego hablamos otro poco
    • Yet here he is once more, looking as ferociously hard as ever albeit with a few more teeth.
    • There was silence once more and after a few minutes the pair fell asleep.
    • She is gone, and we shall never see her more.
    • Shaking my head, I looked out of the window once more.
  • 3

    it's more an encyclopedia than a dictionary es más una enciclopedia que un diccionario
    • I was more surprised than anything me causó más que nada sorpresa