Traducción de mores en español:


costumbres y convenciones, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɔreɪz/ /ˈmɔːreɪz/ /ˈmɔːriːz/

sustantivo plural

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    costumbres y convenciones femenino
    • They adopt the mores and conventions of the society into which they are assimilating.
    • The criminal sanction operates then as a form of social control both punishing the offender and reasserting the mores of that society.
    • The readers' actions would be governed by the social mores through which they are conditioned.
    • Are social mores and attitudes towards sexual education changing adequately?
    • The play explores the changing social and sexual mores of the three decades.
    • These teens are the least rebellious of all the groups, conforming to the mores of local society.
    • This demonstrates that the institution of marriage itself is not remaining outdated but is changing with the mores of society.
    • Cultural mores emphasize learning by watching, not necessarily by explicit teaching.
    • For me, the Indian dress, food, wedding customs, and mores seemed close to home.
    • She adds to the interest of her subject by explaining mores and customs of the age.
    • Changes in family structures and social mores may affect attitudes toward violence.
    • The film also makes us focus on our social mores as we watch the film's tribe.
    • There are certain social mores that last no matter what the ideology of the current administration.
    • Women have full access to education, and social mores and attitudes are changing gradually.
    • He is mostly concerned with the social mores of Harvard students and his own place in the campus culture.
    • Factors such as the liberality of the family and adherence to social mores influence reaction and tolerance.
    • He is Canadian, but like most of us, he has ties elsewhere, with a different culture and social mores.
    • The professional army was in danger of separating itself from society, of developing its own mores and thus its own politics.
    • Democracy and schooling promoted egalitarian mores and well-nigh universal literacy.
    • The Vikings left an indelible mark on the mores and traditions of Shetlanders as well as on their psyche.