Translation of moronic in Spanish:


imbécil, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈrɑnɪk/ /məˈrɒnɪk/

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    • An interesting, if not ridiculous, premise is somehow overshadowed by a moronic script filled with stupid lines.
    • If it's not her singing, it's her stupid moronic work-related questions that drive me insane.
    • He is a stupid, moody, moronic little kid who thinks he's all grown up, when he's just sad and lost and bitter.
    • Sarah grabbed Joe's arm and twisted it till he gave a yelp in pain, ‘You stupid moronic idiot!’
    • Of all the most obnoxious, pigheaded, stupid, moronic things he could say!
    • Her face turns paler, she stutters a bit and then finally she leaves with her stupid, moronic girlfriends.
    • He kept coming out with moronic and inane comments.
    • I have no idea whose moronic idea a wooden floor in my room was, but its cold and miserable and should never be in a bedroom.
    • I wish small-minded, moronic people would stop trashing whole groups of people and places, just to make themselves feel superior.
    • He is the most frivolous, obnoxious, moronic man in Scotland.
    • ‘There is a moronic notion that somehow we are still exploiting Third World nations,’ he said.
    • To many people, their ingeniously moronic stunts set a new standard for how low the entertainment industry was willing to sink in pursuit of profits.
    • I have had similar conversations with my dad about moronic laws.
    • So why has Polly come up with what is, even by her notoriously moronic standards, an outstandingly hopeless argument?
    • It was so stupid, so frustrating, so embarrassingly moronic, that it made her want to tear her hair out.
    • These moronic motorists will still flout the laws because their time is obviously more precious than anyone else's.
    • It is depressing for teachers and pupils alike to see their working environment desecrated by the moronic minority.
    • It has always amazed me how moronic the planning authorities are when they sanction building on natural flood plains.