Translation of mortgage in Spanish:


hipoteca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɔrɡɪdʒ/ /ˈmɔːɡɪdʒ/

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    (charge) hipoteca feminine
    (loan) préstamo hipotecario masculine
    (loan) crédito hipotecario masculine
    (loan) hipoteca feminine
    mortgage on sth
    to pay off a mortgage terminar de pagar una hipoteca
    • we've paid off the mortgage on the house hemos terminado de pagar la hipoteca / el préstamo / el crédito de la casa
    • I own my home with a small amount outstanding on the mortgage.
    • The standard policy reduces the amount covered as the mortgage is paid off so it is cheaper than a level term, which is one constant sum assured for the life of the policy.
    • Much of the sharp rise is being driven by rising house prices, with more than €1 billion in mortgages borrowed each month.
    • If you don't like the idea of debt then you will probably be happier with a standard repayment loan where you can see the amount of your mortgage decreasing as time goes on.
    • And it could trigger a sharp fall in prices, with the consequent return of negative equity - the value of the property falling below the amount of the outstanding mortgage.
    • In some instances they insist that the parent guarantees only the portion of the mortgage above the amount they would usually lend, based on the child's salary.
    • But the energy cost savings will far exceed the amount added to the mortgage.
    • Over half the houses in the country are owned outright by people while a further significant amount have very low mortgages and have seen their homes triple in value.
    • The size of your current mortgage, school or university fees for children, and the effects of inflation must all be considered.
    • Cases it has dealt with vary from revoked credit cards to missed mortgage payments, according to a company spokesman.
    • The government should recognise that it is dealing with people who have suffered hardship and serious worries about whether their mortgages will be paid off.
    • In some cases their grandchildren will finish paying the mortgages on them.
    • The fee will usually be about 1% of the mortgage, but this will depend on the size of the loan and the complications of each individual case.
    • You therefore in effect overpay each month, which is why your mortgage would be cleared more quickly.
    • In eight out of ten major towns, people on average incomes cannot afford to buy an average home which is now 6.7 times average annual pay and will require a mortgage of five times your income.
    • At the end of their working period and having redeemed the mortgage, they will remain in their own houses.
    • Once we have paid off our mortgages, we will consider pro bono work.
    • If you pay off your mortgage, you'll also lose the advantage of using someone else's money to invest.
    • If you default on your mortgage repayments, the bank or lending institution has the right to claim 100 per cent of the property.
    • It makes money on the interest homeowners pay on their mortgages minus the interest it pays on low-rate bonds that it sells to institutional investors and foreign banks.

transitive verb

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    (house/land) hipotecar
    they've mortgaged the country's future han hipotecado el futuro del país
    • During this time her brother-in-law mortgaged the property, without her knowledge, as security for his own debts, and when he defaulted on the repayments, the bank sought possession of the property.
    • Hjorten and Fuller went without salaries for the project's first year and financed the company by mortgaging their property and by taking on credit-card debt.
    • Mr. Aarts mortgaged this property to provide part of the funds used to purchase the home.
    • Much of what appears to be ‘owned’ farm property is mortgaged to the Land Bank or is held as collateral by one of the other banks.
    • They granted John Jr. a power to mortgage the Property for an amount not to exceed $500,000.
    • Most families take out heavy loans, pawn jewelry and other valuables or mortgage their property to scrape together the money to fund the illicit journey.
    • They were required to mortgage their property to insure against the need to pay compensation for damage done by robbers.
    • I then purchased Park lane with the additional funds I gained by mortgaging some properties.
    • They constantly refer to becoming a ‘millionaire’, but owning mortgaged properties worth £1 million is not the same as having £1 million of capital.
    • The bank leant heavily on his elderly father, and in due course the latter without further advice mortgaged his farm to cover his son's further outgoings.
    • Returning to Ireland, he took out a bank loan, mortgaging his house, and hit up former employer Tullow Engineering for backing.
    • In July the goods were mortgaged by the Claimant to HSBC as per the HSBC chattel mortgage under the covenants of which… the Claimant had obligations which were wholly inconsistent with rejection of the goods.
    • This involved mortgaging those estates heavily to the government and using the capital for development and the hire of wage-labour.
    • The moment the patents were granted they would be valuable pieces of Intellectual Property, which could be mortgaged, sold or handled in any normal way.
    • Many growers are heavily mortgaged and have reduced equity in their farms, which makes them less attractive to lenders.
    • Section 144 allows the transfer of leases and section 144 allows leases to be mortgaged and there are subsequent provisions which deal specifically with a mortgage over a leasehold or licence.
    • That is the guts of it, really, and, especially that this pastoral lease has been mortgaged - this brings another problem.
    • None of the team's assets, including its Milton Keynes headquarters, is mortgaged to banks or creditors, and the 300 staff are skilled and committed.
    • Mrs Smyth had agreed to mortgage the 124-acre family farm in CoTipperary, and had signed a consent form under the 1976 act.
    • Without it, you can't raise funds by mortgaging your land, hence no investment, no capital accumulation and no climbing out of poverty
    • All four are said to be mortgaged to the Midland Bank to secure a loan, which exceeds their value, and to generate income less than the sums required to service the loan.