Translation of mortuary in Spanish:


depósito de cadáveres, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɔrtʃuˌɛri/ /ˈmɔːtʃʊri/ /ˈmɔːtjʊəri/

nounplural mortuaries

  • 1

    depósito de cadáveres masculine
    morgue feminine Latin America
    • He also introduced a rickshaw service, which takes unclaimed bodies from the government mortuary for a proper burial.
    • For extra payment, undertakers began to offer wealthier people new facilities without the taint of the public mortuary to store their dead away from home.
    • She lay dead in the mortuary of the hospital for two weeks before her family was notified.
    • Her son said that when undertakers arrived to remove her body from the hospital mortuary two days later, the rings were missing from her fingers.
    • Then came the appalling task of formally identifying their daughter's body in the mortuary at the Bristol hospital.
    • But when the families went to pick up the bodies from the hospital mortuary, they were presented with a bill.
    • The man's brain had been kept in a standard, sealed container in the autopsy room in the hospital mortuary.
    • After searching frantically in the local hospitals he eventually found his wife's body in a mortuary.
    • Police sealed off the area while scenes of crime officers photographed the incident site and carried out a forensic examination before the body was removed to the mortuary at York District Hospital.
    • Principals and teachers from the affected schools arrived at the scene and waited with parents at the hospital and at the mortuary for the dead to be identified.
    • Meanwhile, he has appealed to churches, community leaders and other stakeholders to help the local authorities address the issue of unclaimed bodies in hospital mortuaries.
    • The District Medical Officer viewed and ordered the body to be removed to the mortuary, pending an autopsy.
    • They were reinterred several hours later after a Home Office pathologist, in the presence of an independent pathologist, carried out a new post-mortem examination at a local mortuary.
    • Though the disclosure was controversial, there is no doubt that this was the scoop of the year, and the picture of the bodies in the mortuary were sought by many newspapers round the world.
    • Following her death, the trust was also criticised for the difficulty the family had in seeing her body in the mortuary, which was said to be off-limits at the weekend.
    • His widow yesterday visited the mortuary where his body lay, as the independent inquiry began into his death.
    • Their bodies were taken to the Grahamstown mortuary where postmortem examinations will be held today.
    • The controversy over the bodies in the mortuary continues, but this time at national level.
    • After his retirement he continued with coroner's post-mortem examinations at the municipal mortuary.
    • The doctors were either too busy or unavailable to visit the mortuary to review the body after death.