Translation of mote in Spanish:


mota, n.

Pronunciation /moʊt/ /məʊt/

See Spanish definition of mota


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    mota feminine
    • A beam of light had broken through the canopy and caught the motes of dust and tiny midges floating around in the golden light.
    • But a Leonid meteor is tiny, a supersonic mote of dust.
    • Tiny water droplets are borne on the air like dust motes, sparkling in the glare from the banks of fluorescent lights in the canopy above the petrol pumps.
    • Many scenes are heavily marred by dust motes, particularly those which take place at night or in shadow.
    • Over the past century, physicists have pushed back the frontier of the small - from dust motes to atoms to protons and neutrons to quarks.
    • This little speck of a girl - no more than a mote of dust in the cosmic sense of things - was questioning her operation and her wisdom, her very essence of being.
    • Flatten yourself against the window, and let the world tilt forward until you're gazing down through the fine transparent barrier, scattered with reassuring dust motes and the glimmer of reflection.
    • Sometimes the light outside penetrates the shadows in shafts, and dust motes float in the silence, flying like fairies… or miracles.
    • ‘Sorry,’ I said, trying to find my wallet in my coat pockets, retrieving dust motes and chocolate instead.
    • There's a constant stream of planktonic motes going past.
    • I could see dust motes in a shaft of light that cut across my cubicle.
    • Later I was in the living room watching dust motes circulating through a shaft of sunlight when the phone rang.