Translation of mother in Spanish:


madre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈməðər/ /ˈmʌðə/

Definition of madre in Spanish


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    madre feminine
    (as form of address) madre dated
    (as form of address) mamá
    (to nun) madre
    an expectant mother una mujer embarazada
    • an unmarried mother una madre soltera
    • mother of three killed in a blast madre de familia muere en una explosión
    • she was a second mother to me fue como una segunda madre para mí
    • he's a mother's boy es un niño / un nene de mamá
    • they all died, every mother's son (of them) se murieron absolutamente todos
    • some mothers do have them ¡hay cada idiota suelto por el mundo!
    • shall I be mother? ¿sirvo yo?
    • mother love amor de (la) madre
    • mother plane avión nodriza
    • mother ship buque nodriza
    • ‘Mother,’ said the conductor, ‘do you want to go to Denver?’
    • Sr. Elizabeth Ann Eckert is the new reverend mother of the Anglican Sisterhood of St. John the Divine, succeeding Sr. Constance Joanna Gefvert.
    • Mother Aquinas faced the decision with great courage and tact.

transitive verb

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    como Dios lo trajo al mundo informal