Translation of motif in Spanish:


tema, n.

Pronunciation /moʊˈtif/ /məʊˈtiːf/

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    tema masculine
    motivo masculine
    • This distinctively narrative work presents a host of motifs that recur throughout Schreuders' printed works, including mermaids and sculpted figures.
    • Chapter 1 introduces a series of motifs that recur in subsequent chapters and carry similar associations with them.
    • There is no attempt to create a genre with recurring motifs like, for example, chick lit's shoes, sex, and Chardonnay.
    • One of Hitchcock's recurring motifs concerns a woman who suspects a loved one of being a monster.
    • Themes and motifs interweave and recur, circling around each other, acquiring new associations with each repetition.
    • The motif of the globe recurs in other works by Georgiades.
    • Multi-faceted, open-ended and provocative, this is a film whose many parallel scenes, recurring motifs and curious ironies offer plenty of fuel for thought.
    • Norman is far from cannibalizing his own writing, and there is nothing wrong with recurring motifs and characters that stretch from one work to the next.
    • The first four episodes build in mystery as we try to piece together recurring motifs of corpses, shared food, reversals of power.
    • Obsession and addiction are recurring motifs, along with violent sex and occasional acts of extreme cruelty.
    • She is currently at work on a book studying the sovereignty motif in Heaney's verse.
    • Together they reveal his visual language and the motifs that recur throughout his work.
    • A first group explores central themes in more than one of Roth's novels while others devote themselves to one text and the author's sophisticated presentation of themes and motifs.
    • Hawthorne uses several motifs to express a recurring idea throughout the novel.
    • There may not be a metanarrative to this book, but certain repetitive motifs are discernible no matter how he retells human history.
    • In similar fashion he attributed other thematic resemblances between New Comedy and Sanskrit plays to the presence of universal themes and motifs.
    • Those names, like everything in the book, echo the motif of hunger.
    • Horses are one of the recurring motifs in Yeats's art, symbolic of loyalty, intelligence and the unbridled freedom of his early childhood.
    • The Dance of Death, which portrayed men and women of all classes dancing with a skeleton, became a popular artistic motif.
    • The relationship between land, landscape, and technological progress has always been a dominant motif in the American experience and its telling.
    • Their elaborate dance of courtship, which cannot call itself by that name, is the film's central motif.
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    motivo masculine
    • In addition to church furnishings and tombs, he specialized in the design of ornamental motifs, which he popularized in a series of engravings, 1548-77.
    • Included are geometrics, florals and foliates, animals and nature motifs and other decorative repeat patterns.
    • Crafted in gold or silver, medals were adorned with decorative motifs and appropriate inscriptions engraved by hand.
    • Using cracked linen as a surface, she painted motifs that conjure up images of Italian frescoes and simulate the effects of time and weather.
    • The design thus recalls interpenetrating circles as visual motifs found in his decorative work after 1910.
    • The patterns and motifs are highly complex, ranging from starbursts and amoebic shapes to flowers and birds.
    • Some critics have suggested a direct connection between the traditional design motifs found in West African art forms and those of slave-descended Southern blacks.
    • It is decorated with motifs designed by local school children.
    • She uses a lot of wonderful patterns and motifs.
    • His recent paintings are not abstract evolutions of ancestral designs but oversized traditional motifs inscribed on a simplified ground.
    • Some of these he roughly painted over with fish or flower motifs based upon traditional designs.
    • Stencils are available in a variety of motifs and designs from art and crafts supply stores.
    • Walking into the lobby, one is met with a mixture of Moorish fittings and Victorian interior design; the square pillars are adorned with Baroque motifs.
    • Her geometric paintings of the '60s and '80s, based on patterns and structured motifs, owe much to her background in textiles.
    • Their wood was carved with geometric patterns, especially a spiral motif (symbolising ‘mother earth’) similar to that on Georgian coins.
    • Its most characteristic theme was the use of sinuous asymmetrical lines based on plant forms; flower, leaf, and tendril motifs are common features, as are female figures with abundant flowing hair.
    • Particular attention was given to design motifs that were found in several art forms (pottery, architecture, textiles and so on).
    • It is said that there are over 3,000 batik designs that include Indian, Chinese and Buddhist patterns including indigenous motifs of local fruits and flowers.
    • Some decorative motifs were redrawn by the teacher to emphasize the kinds of decorative motifs typical of these different cultures.
    • If you are a very classic dresser, I wouldn't recommend ties with motifs of animals or cartoons because they would probably come off as tacky and unattractive.
    • Unlike the ceramics produced in other parts of the country, the ceramics from Sitiwinangun are rich in embossed decorations with various floral and plant motifs.