Translation of motivate in Spanish:


motivar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmoʊdəˌveɪt/ /ˈməʊtɪveɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (crime/decision) motivar
    what motivates someone to become a politician? ¿qué motivos impulsan a alguien a dedicarse a la política?
    • a politically motivated strike una huelga con motivaciones políticas / por motivos políticos
    • The most common reason motivating women to take hormone replacement therapy is the relief of menopausal symptoms.
    • No single reason motivates young men and women to enlist in the armed forces, but a great many do it because they believe they will obtain job training and financial aid for college.
    • If patients are to be expected to take part in research for altruistic reasons they have a right to know what reasons motivate the people carrying out the research.
    • But the fact that our civilization and our children's futures are under attack is what motivates us, more than anything, to stand up for the cause of freedom.
    • It matters little that you do not think you are racially motivated.
    • At the same time, he is motivated by a keen desire to see the raising of Scotland's international profile.
    • Those who know him well insist that he is genuinely motivated by a desire to make people better.
    • He was partly motivated by his desire to protect his two-year-old son from the ills of global capitalism.
    • He was genuinely motivated by a desire to assist them in achieving an end to their dispute.
    • The constant need for money to buy drugs and increase business also motivates dealers to find vulnerable victims who can provide quick cash.
    • What motivates him is a desire both to save money on trials, and secure more convictions.
    • He was motivated, he said, by a desire to build a new, corruption-free Pakistan, not by personal ambition.
    • However, John Paul was motivated by more than the desire for a free Polish state.
    • He was not motivated by greed but by a desire to do something heroic, smash a drugs ring and present the evidence to police.
    • The desire for peer approval and acceptance can motivate young women to act in healthy or hurtful ways, either individually or in groups.
    • It motivates people to lead better lives, and can provide a vision of humanity that enriches the lives of believers.
    • The judge, Mr Justice Wakerley, said he was sentencing them on the basis that the attack was not racially motivated.
    • Fear motivates us to drive cautiously even when in a great hurry, and fear makes a diabetic adhere to his diet and take his insulin daily.
    • So what motivates consumers to drive further and spend more for local meat?
    • No, they hope that voters are motivated from rank envy, the desire to bring down those who have it better than they do.
  • 2

    (staff/workforce) motivar
    • And at 65, he still thinks and acts like a youngster with boundless energy and enthusiasm motivating people like him to ‘stay young and help each other’.
    • Your interest can motivate her to stay on and take exams.
    • ‘She has certainly done an outstanding job of organizing and motivating people and thinking of details and taking care of those details,’ he said.
    • The biggest difficulty you have in this job is not to motivate the players but to get them relaxed enough to express their talent.
    • Organization is a huge part of the job, but motivating players is bigger.
    • Might they say you are highly skilled in terms of motivating your students, in keeping them excited?
    • Centres seemed to be generally well managed, and at most sites staff were well motivated and enthusiastic about their new roles.
    • But even that will do little to motivate employees if the job feels like a dead end.
    • These learning centers, for example, have had great success in motivating children to study, and psychological techniques are also used with more or less success in many conventional schools.
    • I almost feel as if the higher course load actually motivated me to study more.
    • Finding out through experience what career options exist within the profession would motivate students to study.
    • She was just a very successful headteacher who motivated the children with her enthusiasm.
    • He's surrounded by a talented and highly motivated team led by crew chief John Stewart.
    • What separates exceptional leaders from ordinary leaders is the ability to inspire and motivate employees.
    • But to be truthful it is very dull at the moment and it's a real job to motivate myself to study.
    • Basically, team members are highly motivated, as has been demonstrated on several occasions.
    • He understands how to motivate writers, how to inspire them.
    • It is my responsibility to motivate volunteers and provide them with the tools required to do their jobs successfully.
    • However, one of the main reasons behind this particular course, was to motivate the children as regards to school attendance and classroom work.
    • He provides customised training, designed to motivate staff and help them achieve peak performance.
    • The guy wins games, galvanizes alumni and motivates players to perform beyond their abilities.
    • As humans we can excel if we are motivated and given encouragement and the right kind of training.
    • You must be able to motivate people, and be capable of providing training wherever necessary.